Yesterday we had some exciting very early rumors, the kind that we do not normally get. Early info is just hard to get at the stage that Chaos Marines are at now. There is a little additional bit that was in a follow up conversation, just to make sure there is no confusion to the first part.

This was a one time sighting, so there is no additional information that can really come from this, unless the source some how remembers something new that wasn't mentioned.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I would like to point out a few things, just so there's no confusion:

While assuming it's a Codex, I am not certain. It could certainly be for a supplement or something else. There was also a couple images that showed chaos marines in bright and colorful armor.

Previously on Faeit 212

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Chaos Space Marines are currently being worked on. The models are not even finalized, but a book is being created, and I am assuming that it is a codex. The book is not coming for at least a year, the details are still being changed frequently, both the models dimensions and specific details. 

Three interesting sightings
1. A field artillery battery manned by Chaos Space Marines, with tracks and barrels that looked like a quad mortar. Their armor was different , as it had plates on the front that looked similar to that of a Warpsmith. The helmets looked like Mk III

2. Chaos Sorcerer with staves that looked Chaos-y, one that was wearing a robe. None of the sorcerers had horns or spikes sticking out where I would have expected to see them. A group of them casting a psychic power with a Nova Blast effect.

3. New Predator Tank weapons that are not autocannons or lascannons. At least 2 new cannons being worked on, both are boxy with lights down the side, but no clues to what they do. 

I saw no legion markings. All armor was a greasy metallic gray, or the subjects were illuminated in a reddish glow. Lights from the eyes of helmets are red or green.

There were no models of cult troops, heretics, or other infantry

There was also something referred to as a Wyrm with large armor plates reminiscent of a Forgefiend. No other details

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