Games Workshop's new releases are up now for pre-orders, and with it a bundle of three Stardrakes.

New From Games Workshop

New Releases
Stardrake £85

Drakesworn Temple £255

Legends are told all across the mortal realms of the Great Drake, Dracothion. An immense creature, ruler of the night sky, his form has been picked out in stars across the firmament for countless generations, inspiring awe and wonder in all who gaze at the heavens. His offspring, the Stardrakes, descended from the constellations above - huge, reptilian creatures with vast wings and serpentine necks, noble of aspect and filled with celestial magic. Ridden into battle by the strongest and most powerful warriors of the Stormcast Eternals Extremis Chamber, these fearsome creatures of Order can tear apart even the most berserk champion of Chaos in mere seconds.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to build one of the two following models:

A Drakesworn Templar, the retribution of the heavens given form, armed with either a tempest axe, arc hammer, or stormlance and skybolt bow, or

A Lord-Celestant on Stardrake; leaders of the Extremis Chamber, commanding the very power of the stars themselves, they carry either a tempestos hammer or stormbound blade and sigmarite shield.

The Stardrake itself, an imposingly large model, features different shoulder armour and head options, wing positions, and ruined terrain on the supplied Citadel 170x105mm Oval base. 

Drakesworn Temple
Drakesworn Temple
Heralded by a massive pulse of iridescent starfire, a radiant wave of cosmic force that ripples outward through the heavens, the formation of a Drakesworn Temple is a celestial event to be celebrated by those protected by the warriors of Azyr – and feared by the denizens of Chaos. Stormcast Eternals are rejuvenated by this star-hewn energy, whereas their enemies suffer terrible agonies due to its touch. The Stardrakes of a Drakesworn Temple are enough to strike fear into the cold heart of any foe – they are the very wrath of the heavens, and the realms will shake at their descent.

This bundle nets you all the models necessary to field a Drakesworn Temple, beings of incandescent purity and starfire who rage forth for the Stormcast Eternals! You’ll receive three huge, imposing Stardrakes – assemble them as Drakesworn Templars, and watch Chaos flee in terror! 

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