Games Workshop is taking an amazing leap here and asking their customer base for FAQ questions. First we get new Facebook pages, and now.... FAQ's! here is what they are asking for and when we will see officially approved FAQ's

Seriously, Did someone kidnap or take over GW headquarters? Joking of course, this awesome.

Follow the link, and get your questions in!!!!!

via Warhammer 40,000 Facebook
FAQs eh? 
All right, let’s knuckle down and do this.
What one (just one, there’s rather a lot of you guys…) rules question do you want answered or clarified? Jot it down in the comments and we’ll take them to the Game Designers on your behalf. We’ll even return with answers, we promise. It might take a week or two but a collated list of freshly approved FAQs will be yours post haste.

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