Much of the Warhammer Fantasy range of models are going away from the Elves, Dwarves, and even Empire armies. The Age of Sigmar is advancing it's own storyline, leaving a lot of peoples armies without any chance of being built up once these are gone.

Need to know what is going away?

via Lady Atia on War of Sigmar

- Brettonia range

High Elves
- Eltharion 
- Prince Imrik 
- Tyrion 
- High Elf Archers 
- High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower 
- High Elf Spearmen 
- Silver Helmets 
- Alith Anar, the Shadow King 
- Teclis 
- Prince Althran 
- Korhil 
- Lothern Sea Guard 
- Handmaiden of the Everqueen 
- High Elf Hero with Sword and Shield

- Thorek Ironbrow 
- High King Thorgim Grudgebearer 
- Grudge Thrower 
- Dwarf Bolt Thrower 
- Dwarf Lord and Shieldbearers 
- Miners 
- Thane with Army Banner 
- Dwarf Adventurers 
- Flame Cannon 
- Drunken Dwarfs 
- Dwarf Lord 
- Dwarf Lord with Great Weapon 
- Dwarf Engineer with Brace of Pistols 
- Josef Bugman

Dark elves
- Malekith 
- Morathi 
- Harpies 
- Shades 
- Reaper Bolt Thrower 
- Dreadlord on Dark Steed 
- Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress on Cold One 
- Cold One 
- Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress 
- Dark Elf Assassin with Two Hand Weapons 
- Dark Elf Sorceress with Skull Staff 
- Lokhir Fellheart 
- Dreadlord with Great Weapon 
- Dread Lord on Cold One

Wood elves
- Sisters of Twilight 
- Tree Kin 
- Orion, King in the Woods 
- Glade Lord/Captain on Great Eagle 
- Glade Riders 
- Wardancer Command 
- Great Eagle 
- Glade Lord on Great Stag 
- Wardancers 
- Warhawk Rider 
- Alarielle 
- Waywatchers 
- Mounted Glade Lord/Captain 
- Wood Elf Standard Bearer 
- Shadowdancer

- Empire Master Engineer on Mechanical Steed 
- Marius Leitdorf 
- Balthasar Gelt 
- Valten 
- Ludwig Schwarzhelm 
- Kurt Helborg 
- Empire Free Company 
- Reiksguard Knights 
- Empire Mortar 
- Empire Great Cannon 
- Captain of the Empire with Sword and Shield 
- Markus Wulfhart 
- Warrior Priest 
- Captain of the Empire

Yep - that's a giant beheading of lots of former special characters, the full Bretonnia range, lots of Elfs and some Dwarfen/Empire stuff.

Lady Atia

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