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New Games Workshop Facebook Page

Games Workshop has now officially opened its doors to social media with the re-installment of a new Facebook page. Of course just like what we saw with the Forgeworld Facebook page, there are rules. It does seem apparent, that GW is dipping it's toe in the waters of social media again.

check it out

via Games Workshop Facebook
We want this to be a page that all Warhammer 40,000 fans can enjoy.
This is a Games Workshop community page and we have three simple rules that we need you to follow:
1. Be cool, be positive.
2. Please do not post links to websites of any sort other than
3. Please use the wall for posting photos of Citadel Miniatures only.
And a quick note on rules questions - we can’t give you official answers. We’re not the Games Designers, they’re locked up in the studio. We might be able to give you some general advice or point you in the right direction but better to try and work it out with your gaming buddies.