Games Workshop really shocked the community yesterday releasing an open question forum on their Facebook pages for FAQ questions to be asked. This is a big step forward for Games Workshop to engage the community in a way that really has not been possible before. So get on it, you have less than one week now to get in your question

Quick Note. Yesterday I did not leave out the Age of Sigmar FAQ links in the article as a slight against the game. I'm a die hard 40k player first and foremost, so that is my personal focus.

So here are the links to both FAQ postings on Facebook.
As of this moment there are 177 comments on the Age of Sigmar site
Whoa.... 1.7k  comments for 40k.

To the poor souls that are creating the FAQs from this....... sorry. Just a little catching up to do, and thank you in advance for not sleeping for the next couple weeks.

Warhammer 40,000 FAQ Question Submissions

Warhammer 40,000 You have until the end of the week to get your question in, so make it a good one.
After that, we’ll be taking this post down, and passing them on to rules guys.

Oh yeah,
Probably worth checking no-one else has asked your question, or it's basically just a question wasted.
Feel free to like questions you think are important though.

Age of Sigmar FAQs Question Submissions

via Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Facebook
Hey, guys (and gals). We’ve been here almost a week now, and it’s been great fun. We’ve especially enjoyed seeing pictures of your miniatures and generally soaking up your enthusiasm for all things Age of Sigmar.

Among all the threads, one question has cropped up a lot: 
FAQs - when will they be updated?

You guys are right, the FAQs need updated and soon. In fact, you made so many good points we thought we might tackle this one together. 

What rules question do you want clearing up? That’s right, just one question each (though feel free to ask your mum, brother or dog to submit another question on your behalf). Write your question as a comment below and we’ll go harangue the rules guys into writing an answer. Once we’ve got their answers, we’ll post them back here for you to download. This might take us a couple of weeks but we’ll keep you updated on any progress. In the meantime, you can settle any disputes in the time-honoured tradition of Rock, Paper, Sigmarite-steel.

Faeit 212 Community News

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