After a huge selection of models that seem to be part of Spring Cleaning for Games Workshop, there are also some models that are on the 40k side of things as well. The odd one here that I find, is that the Fenris Warzone: Curse of the Wulfen is listed as no longer available. Hopefully it's going to go paperback.

This list was put together by a reader.

via a reader on Faeit 212
I found a long list of Sold Out for 40k, seems they are getting rid of a lot of models, if you include the AoS models they dropped too.

Adeptus Sororitas
Battle Sister w/ Blessed Banner

Space Marines
Space Marine Captain: Master of Marches

Space Wolves
Curse of Wulfen Supplement

Adeptus Mechanicus
Ad Mech Metalica Transfers

Chaos Space Marines
Crimson Slaughter Supplement


Chaos Chirugeon Backpacks

Iron Warrior Shoulder Pads

Now a few sporadic items I had listed before have returned. Like the individual Space Marine Bikes. Word Bearer and Black Legion shoulder pads are back too. Unsure what's going on at GW with the Sold Out Items, CSM seems to be getting a lot. Codex: Orks is also back in Softback.

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