The Lost Patrol returns from a 16 year hiatus with updated rules. The game is a two player board game with Space Marine scouts trying to evade Tyranid Geneystealers. Again, designed for a younger audience, the game will come out around the same time as we see the Battle for Vedros releases in toy and hobby stores in North America.

Here is the information

via Adrian Sullivan on ICv2
It arrives in stores on June 17.
The new game is a two-player game with one side taking on the roles of Space Marine Scouts hunted by the other player controlling a group of fearsome alien Genestealers. Played out on a dynamic, tile-based board, the squad of Marines must navigate a jungle that moves and changes as they travel the board. The game has updated rules from the original 2000 game and is just as fast-paced as the original, playing in about 30 minutes.

The new version includes 5 Space Marine Scouts, 12 Genestealers, 6 Infestations, 30 Map tiles, 3 Dice, and the rules. The figures are unpainted and assembly may be required. MSRP is $60.00.

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