There is a lot here, as a lot is coming around this morning. So I've included it all. We are getting new Deathwatch Overkill rules to include Tempestus Scions in your games, and a third Realmsgate Wars hardback back. There is a lot to check out, so take a look at what is coming this week.

Lady Atia from War of Sigmar  found leaks on Warhammer Forum.

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A 288 page hardback book. The third in the Realmgate Wars series, joining Quest for Ghal Maraz and Balance of Power that allows all fans of Warhammer Age of Sigmar to fight in the deadly battles that rage between the forces of Chaos, Death, Order and Destruction. As the Everchosen seeks to gain dominion over the mysterious Godbeasts, that dwell in the realms and use them to assault Sigmaron itself. Lots of other forces join the war too, including Seraphon (Lizardmen), Brayherds & Warherds (Beastmen), Free Peoples – Candlemen (Empire), Fyreslayers (Dwarves), The Clans (Skaven) and Spiderfang Grots (Orcs & Goblins). This massive book contains something for everyone! 

The book contains: 
4 new Times of War – rules for fighting battles in the strange and mystical realms of Fire and Life 
13 Battleplans that include advice on playing 3 and 4 player games and running campaigns for even more fun 
14 Warscrolls for the main characters and units in the story 
12 Warscroll battalions chosen from the many factions that are fighting in the war 
Stage by Stage painting guides for the Tempest Lords, Anvils of the Heldenhammer, Bloodbound of the Skullfiend Tribe, Bloodscorch Bulltribes and Clann Vrrtkin Skaven, plus a guide for painting a Realmgate and the Realm of the Battle Game board 

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