Dropfleet Commander Update today with new pics of Shaltari and PHR ships!!!! I have been playing this game now since last weekend, and have a couple more games under my belt. There will be even more over the weekend, as we do more beta games here at Faeit 212 (also a little Genesys). So check out the latest information from Hawk Wargames.



Update #43 – Remaining Pictures, Admiral Days and Pledge Manager Ending
Posted by Hawk Wargames (Creator)

Hello! Today we have in final pictures of starting ship classes from the Kickstarter, as well as news on the play testing days from the recent Admiral days, and some news on the pledge manager and adding to you pledge.
Updates on the Campaign have been sporadic in recent weeks, but we must admit they will continue to be but there's a good reason for it - it's because we’re knuckling down and getting into production . We apologise for not updating more, however in this case no news really is good news as we go about the business of final logistics planning ready to get going when we have final numbers from the pledge manager.
New Pictures of the Shaltari and PHR
We now have the finished studio images of the remaining ships, as well as a group shot of the PHR Starter Fleet to give players an idea of what is included in the set.

 We also have the PHR Starter Fleet Image with painted studio ships for the first time below:
Last but by no means least we have the Princess Civilian Cruise liner, which will have a game scenario released for it as well:
Admiral Test Days 

We’ve now run two of our three Admiral Beta Test days, with the next this coming weekend. Alongside admirals from the UK and USA we put the rules to the test, teasing out any problems and clarifying areas that needed it. The final test day in Germany (for EU Admirals) will be underway in Dusseldorf this weekend, giving us further insight into what we can hone and improve even further in an already great rules set.
Responses to the game were very positive from all players, and the admirals quickly lived up to their ranks with close battles ranging across multiple boards as the rules were tested to their limits and beyond. We’re happy to say that aside from one or two minor edits and clarifications the rules held up very well, and everyone has so far left smiling and looking forward to the release of the full set of rules with the delivery of the Kickstarter. Good luck to all our EU players on Saturday – we hope they help us polish the rule set even further!
Pledge Manager Information The Pledge manager is almost closed, but there is still time to add extras and bolt-ons to your pledge, and to decide what you would like you pledge money to go towards! The Pledge mananger will officially close on the 21st March (next Monday) at midnight that night (to be specific, 11.59pm on the 21st).
Please note, while the Pledge manager will not close to existing backers at that time, it will no longer accept late backer pledges. Please also note that while the manager will stay open for existing backers, backer rewards for those do not finalise their pledge by the 21st may be delayed in delivery.
We will be posting more information on how to add more bolt-ons if you have finalised your pledge as well as the best contact point to get in touch if you are having problems on Monday.
 - The Hawk Team

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