The Regimental Standard is a new blog from Games Workshop that focuses on the perspective of Imperial Guardsmen. These guys really have not heard the Over Powered Tau lasers, or the seen the new Genestealer rules from Deathwatch. Instead they drink the cool aid faster than it can be printed.

The new site is a lot of fun to read, so go check it out. Apparently it will be a weekly thing. I already love it, and it will be a place to read on continuously. Check out these wondrous articles written for the poor souls of the Imperial Guard before they reach their first encounters with the Tau and Genestealers.

The following is from the Regimental Standard.

Despite many glorious Imperial victories in the Eastern Fringe, and the tireless work of the Commissariat, rumours persist of the alien Tau and their so-called frightening technology. Such lies are nothing more than the salacious rantings of cowardly xenos sympathisers seeking to spread fear and dissension. So fear not, loyal Guardsman – remain steadfast in your duty, for today we bring you the truth

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Genestealers are not to be feared.

The weakest of the tyrannic organisms they are cast out by their own vile race. Left to drift through the universe, Genestealers are nothing more than parasites, clinging to the dregs of worlds and starships long since abandoned as scrap. They have no courage and no honour. They are cowardly creatures, hiding underground in terror of the Emperor’s light and Mankind’s righteous wrath.

Read the rest of the Genestealer article here

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