Yesterday I brought up the new Leviathan Dreadnought with Cyclonic Melta Lance and Siege Claws, but somehow missed that there is a whole new set of weapons now available as well. These are nice, and gives you a chance to really get what you want out to fill up your heavy weapon ranks. Plus free Warscrolls from Forgeworld to add your Monstrous Beasts to your AoS games.

New Weapons from Forgeworld
Ryza Pattern Lascannon Set £13
Mars Patter heavy Bolters Set £13
Phaistos Pattern Heavy Flamers Set £13
Mediant Pattern Multi- Meltas Set £13
Proteus- II Pattern Missile Launchers Set £13
Kalibrax Patter Autocannon Set £13
Proteus Pattern Rotor Cannon Set £13
Telerac Patter Volkite Culverins Set £13
Mars Pattern Plasma Cannon Set £13
Space Marine Deliverance Pattern Shotguns £12
Space Marines Special Weapons Set £12
Leviathan Cyclonic Melta Lance £13

Check out this fun chart from the Forgeworld Facebook page. It may just help you figure out what weapons you need to pick up for your marines.

Monstrous Arcanum Warscrolls for Age of Sigmar
Also for the Age of Sigmar, Forgeworld just released new Warscrolls for the Monstrous Arcanum, so whether you are looking for AoS rules for a Monstrous Squig, or a Bonegrinder Giant, they are all there. You can check out these free Warscrolls here at the link.

Thanks for the heads up Bran. These had eluded me.

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