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What's On Your Table: Tyranid Heirophant and Dominatrix Conversions‏

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to

Just thought I'd submit some pics of my huge Nid Heirophant and Dominatrix models for What's On Your Table (and the Dominatrix hasn't moved off my table since I built it! Everything I've built since I've had to fit either under or around it...)

Now I'm ashamed to admit that the Heirophant is now over 2 years old and the Dominatrix almost a year and I STILL haven't painted them!!! Doomrider is just a baby compared to these guys and he got painted first (he threatened to throw a tantrum if I didn't)

Construction wise the Heirophant is literally just 2 Tyrannofexes and some green stuff! No other kits where used! (well except for a tail piece from the Harpy kit) it's not quite as bulky as the Forgeworld one but it looks the part and mine can actually support its own wieight!

The Dominatrix (or Norn Queen depending on if GW ever do an official Dom) is a bit more complex. I loosely based it on the old epic model but decided against the smaller Brain Nid riding on its back as it's something GW probably wouldn't do with a modern update and instead gave it brains on its actual head with spares from Zoanthropes. Other than that it has parts from a Maleceptor, Mawlock, 3 Tyrannofexes and 2 Exocrines and green stuff!

Anyway enough waffling on! Enjoy!!!