Eternal Crusade is moving along nicely now, and the PR team there is giving some details about what features will be present when the game officially launches later this year. Here is the latest State of the Crusade

State of the Crusade XIII
On: Mar 21, 2016
Hail all, xenos, infidels, heretics, demi-gods and assorted immortals.

We are at a critical juncture in the development of the Eternal Crusade and we believe it’s a good time to present an infographic describing what the Eternal Crusade will be at launch.

We took a conservative stance and we added to it only what we believed we could deliver with high certainty.

This is because everything could go smoothly and we’d be able to achieve all of our bonus tasks … or everything could go like it is today, where our reality is that our building is under renovations and we have no toilets, no running water yesterday, half the office out sick with Noah out for two weeks with a plague from Japan, our Lead Artist with a broken leg, and our main Concept Artist sprained her painting arm.

Sprinkle in some technical uncertainties, which we plan for in every sprint, and still things can get out of hand … Like when Genestealers ate programmers from the other teams around here, like Fallout Shelter and Fallout 4. But I digress.

As with any online game, we will continue post-launch development for years. We find it a very strange practice that in a game designed to play with friends, you can pay for a DLC that denies them from playing with you. Add a few more of that type of DLC, and none of you could play together at all. That’s not how we roll. We don’t want to segment the player-base, so you will all get new content, updates and an expansion every 3 months, for free.

These are interesting times as Microsoft has opened up for Cross-platform gaming. Sony has responded with a “yes-but-no-but-yes-but-no” and we are following the trend closely. We have cross platform tools in the office, so for those of us who believe in a single gaming sphere, this is very exciting news (if not tremendously challenging from a balancing perspective).

Warhammer 40,000 - Eternal Crusade

Eagle eyed readers will notice some interesting things in the infographic, such as how conservative we’ve been with numbers. 60+ players is real. If we get to 100+, super! If we get even further, super-duper! Even the amount of items is very inclusive and encompasses variations of many types of items, as well as giving you a sense of the scale our itemization system is working towards.

Here it is and please, for the Crusade, the Emperor, Chaos gods and other entities, share this with your friends. It’s time to clarify the launch feature set and show how much we can add in the free expansions, like Terminator-class (TEQs) in the first expansion. We hope this alleviates some of your concerns or gives you more confidence in what we’re creating and will expand upon. Remember also that Early Access is still at 20% discount from launch prices and of course, we always appreciate an honest review. You’ve been amazing in your feedback and aid in determining the priority of features and the direction of the game.

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