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This diorama won my local Armies on Parade.  It is a non-canonical envisioning of the Blood Angels departing from Baal to embark out into the Imperium after the death of Sanguinius.  They are being led by Azkaellon who is carrying Sanguinius’ Spear of Telesto.  Non-canonical in that the Storm Talon, Land Raider Redeemer, & Stormraven did not exist yet.  The Mk VII armor is stated to have been created at the tail end of the Heresy though the jump pack might be temporally displaced as well.  The motivation was after reading Fear to Tread where Librarian Kano envisioned the death of the Blood Angels Primarch.  We all know what happened to the Legions after the Heresy, so this was my take on the Blood Angels finally coming to grips with what the future held and taking solidarity in the idea they are proving their loyalty to the Imperium. 

Here is what’s on the board:
1.       Azkaellon – Sanguinary Guard Commander in Mk II armor with the Spear of Telesto
2.       Blood Angels Captain with jump pack and power sword
3.       Relic Contemptor Dreadnought with 2x Blood Claws, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Graviton Gun and Plasma Blaster
4.       Contemptor Dreadnought with Multi-melta, Blood Fist, and Combi-bolter
5.       Land Raider Redeemer
6.       Storm Talon with Skyhammer Missiles and Twin-Linked Assault Cannon
7.       Stormraven with Twin-linked Assault Cannon, Hurricane Bolters, and Typhoon Missile Launcher
8.       Caestus Assault Ram
9.       Rhino
10.   5x Tartarus pattern Terminators
11.   3x Converted Cataphractii Terminators
12.   1x Librarian in Indomitus pattern Terminator armor with Storm Shield and Force Stave
13.   5x Mk II Assault Marines
14.   1x Primus Medicae in Mk II Armor with Jump Pack
15.   1x Captain in Mk III Armor with Thunder Hammer, Boarding Shield, and Jump Pack
16.   Tactical Squad with 5x Mk IV and 5x Mk II Tactical Marines
17.   Imperial Bastion with a Sanguinary Priest in Mk IV armor manning the communications array
18.   Baal Pattern Fellblade – Twin-Linked Megabolter, hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon, hull-mounted Twin-Linked Assault Cannon, Flamestorm Cannon sponsons, Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter sponsons, and a cupola-mounted Twin-Linked Bolter being manned by the tank commander who just feels the need to have a weapon in his hands after feeling inadequate compared to the rest of the ordnance. 

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