The Human Sphere N3 is coming for Infinity. It's available now for pre-order through April 27th and comes with an exclusive model as a promotion. Check it out.

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Human Sphere N3 is coming!
By Carlos Llauger Lorenzo AKA Bostria

At last! It is shaping in, in paper, as something you can touch. It wasn’t fast nor easy. During the whole duration of 2015 we have been redesigning, improving and optimizing the game and its miniatures range, bringing it up to match the new N3 standard. But here we are, at the beginning of 2016, with the printers at full capacity, bringing the first expansion of the third edition of Infinity: Human Sphere N3.

As the majority of the Infinity veterans know, the game experienced a revolution in 2014 with the release of the “Operation: Icestorm” Battle Box followed by the release of Infinity N3. A move planned by Corvus Belli back in 2012 with a lot of work in the process. Not only the rules and system improved, but also the miniatures experienced a true artistic revolution by establishing a new and higher quality standard.

Oh, yes… it attracted lots of players and Infinity collectors, so it seemed obvious that all the Infinity universe was put under the same level of N3, both in rules, profiles and the new sculpting level too. Something way easier said than done.

Truth was that a range of more than 600 miniatures, with their weapons, skills and quirks cannot be transitioned from N2 to N3 in a heartbeat. So we decided that 2015 would be a transition year on which the players would enjoy the third edition of rules and a mathematical update of all the troop costs available via the Infinity Army and the downloadable PDF on the website.

Obviously, the keen eyed saw that the N3 troops hadn’t received the improvements when compared to the troops outside the Basic Book. The troops belonging to other Infinity expansions just had a recalculated cost, were updated but not optimized. Let me explain: Yu Jing’s Hac Tao, a troop from the Basic Book of N3, improved as a troop in many aspects, while Haqqislam’s Bashi Bazouk, that belonged to the “Human Sphere” expansion book had only a variation in Cost.

Well, it has finally arrived, the moment of optimization. With “Human Sphere N3” the troop profile, and to keep with the same example here, of the Bashi Bazouk will be optimized following the N3 rules, now they will have more possibilities. They will have “Surprise Shot” and other fun stuff. That is just a sample of what is coming to all the troops and armies.

ALEPH and Tohaa were back on the day the new factions introduced on the Infinity expansions, now they are back with more troops and options than before.

And don’t forget about USAriadna and the First Contact Onyx Force: the new armies coming on Human Sphere N3, new tactics and enemies to face on the game table.

Next Monday March 28th the pre-order period for the “Human Sphere N3” book starts, and it comes with a free miniature! The thematic week on Beasts of War starts on Monday and it will bring lots of information about the contents of the book. We are indeed living days of joy, big news and crazy eagerness to enjoy the most balanced, flexible and tactical game in the market!

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