It sounds like a lot of wishlists, but the latest intel coming out of the Gama Trade show in Las Vegas reveals all of these things. Forgeworld Books in GW stores (not models), Age of Sigmar Event Support, and the sighting of Bloodbowl.

Age of Sigmar Events, Bloodbowl, and Forgeworld Books in Stores
via The Forgotten Legion video on the Gama Trade Show Las Vegas

Start it at 54:30

via Tabletop Gaming Center
Bloodbowl box set, Humans vs Orks, coming out in 12 months.
You can see the interview with the GW North American Trade rep here

Bloodbowl Box Cover pic onWar of Sigmar from the Dice Tower

Lost Patrol Pics
via Sam Healey Twitter
Lost Patrol. Comes w/a squad of SM Scouts and 12 Tyranids

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