Hawk Wargames has been busy with 3 Admiral Beta Test Day events in 3 different locations of the World. While I have not heard back from anyone who attended the Admiral day in Germany, I can only assume that the beta was as good as the one I attended.

Hawk Wargames has been on top of each event, with a new updated revision sheet after each event. This shows just how much the Admiral backers questions and responses were listened to and taken into account. The game is on schedule as of last week (when I last had a chance to speak to them), and I cannot wait to hit the tables again with this game.

Latest Updates
With the tests, there have been 3 revisions, and the latest added something only mentioned during the previous test days.... The Corvette Class ships. These are a smaller craft than frigates and meant to engage ships that are atmospheric (like those ships with dropships). This was one area of testing that as I have got in more games, it became clear that getting down to kill an atmospheric ship takes some dedicated time to take care of. The Corvettes add a new layer of strategy and tactics to the game that is already a great game.

The Beta Test rules are not a complete version of the entire ruleset. We were told that extended rules elements and some ships were omitted to focus on the core rules, so seeing some of these come like the Corvette class are very exciting.

So if you are waiting on this game... I really believe that this is the game to wait for. Its a ton of fun, and the game keeps getting better.

Personally on my list of things that I want to see more of, are more details on ground sectors, any additional ships, and space stations.

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