The Awaken Realms Terrain Kickstarter has just under days left in it. The team there has sent us some samples to take a look at.

The Kickstarter is already successful, and this is a good set of terrain to really spice up your table. There are all sorts of different themed sets to really fit what you are looking for, with great details. The latest updates include the new Blood and Bones marker sets as well. Here is the latest.

373 backers
$26,420  pledged of $7,237 goal
69 hours to go

Taking a look at what was sent to me, it came in a nice tin container with all the models wrapped up well in bubble wrap. This makes a nice way to store your markers as well, instead of losing them on a shelf, box, or anywhere else markers might end up.

The objective markers they did not send us any here, but you can see them in the MiniWargaming video, and they all have number plates on them! I like this a lot and would use them in my games here as well.

As for the Gates and markers, I think Awaken Realms hit these out of the park. They are full of detail that you can see in the pictures, and the scale of them means that they will not be lost on the tabletop.

The Tesla Coil Barricade they sent is superb, and has rebar showing between the slabs on top of the coils themselves just looking wonderful.

By far though the Portals are what I think I like the most. There is just something about portals that is always on the top of my list when it comes to cool looking terrain.

Here are the additional pictures of these, I only wish I had time to paint them and get here for you before the kickstarter ends. (they just got here yesterday).

So definitely check these guys out, you wont be disappointed, and with many sets to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Its mostly likely important to note that the pics above are exactly how they arrived. I have done any trimming or cleaning up on these.

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