As an owner of the Iyanden codex, I will have to say that the book is great. The background story I loved, people I know playing through some of the missions are enjoying them, and the rules are fun and interesting.

We all know Matt Ward is the author of the book, did he name a save after himself? On page 60 of the new Iyanden codex supplement, under Mission Special Rules is "The Devourer of Hope". Under this special rule for the mission, the Hive Tyrant is said to have a toughness and a 2+ Ward save against all attacks......

OK, I know what you are saying, that a Ward save is a fantasy term for an invulnerable save, but look at it this way; Matt Ward is the author and this is 40k. Slip of the tongue and honest mistake? Matt is supposedly working on a lot of Warhammer Fantasy army books; Mistake or a deep rooted conspiracy of world domination? 

I'm building my bunker, and praying that just maybe with it, I too will be allowed to make a 2+ (Matt) Ward save when the "you know what" hits the fan.

There really is a 2+ Ward save on page 60 listed in the Iyanden codex supplement under the Mission Special Rules. We all know it means a 2+ invul save, but it is a lot of fun on a couple different levels. 

Matt, at least from me you are forgiven for what looks like a simple mistake that made it through editing......... but I'm watching you just in case.

Thanks Brian for catching this, and for helping me work though the latest Dark Eldar/ Eldar list yesterday. I think the new list is working well.

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