There is so much on our plate that it is time to really dig in and take a look at the 40k release schedule and see just what it is that we will be looking at over the next 6+ months.

These are based on rumors and discussions, and I have put in my interpretation of the rumors, and with that, I hope that a few of our sources will chime in to correct this where necessary, and help refine this list.

Please remember that these are rumors.

Codex Release Order
This is the list that started it all some time ago.
I was under the impression it was Tau, Eldar, Orks, SM, Nids, then Guard?
75hastings69 answer. Move the orks

So with this and new developments, instead of moving the orks to the back like we had been, I am moving them behind Space Marines as some recent rumors have suggested, and inserting the Black Templar behind them.
Space Marines, Orks, Black Templar, Tyranids, Imperial Guard. 

So when is all this going to come around?
italics listings are officially announced
The Black Legion Supplement- Digital: August

Space Marines 6th Edition Codex
White Scars Supplement (already rumored to be printed)

Farsight Enclave Supplement: Digital: Already Released, Print: October
Ork Codex
The Black Legion Supplement Print: October or later

Black Templar Codex

Rumored for 2013
Ravenguard Supplement- (a couple sources have mentioned this, seems solid)

My Speculation for 2013
Possible Ork Unknown Supplement: (Digital Only, with later Print release)

Tyranids- Rumored to be the first codex of the year
Imperial Guard codex

Catachan Supplement
Ultramarine Supplement
Tau Mercenary Supplement
Biel-Tan Supplement
Saim-Hann Supplement

Blood Angels (vague rumors)
Space Wolves (vague rumors)

Rumored with Unknown Time Frame
Codex Supplements
The Fallen
Tau The Expanded Empire
World Eaters
Thousand Sons
Death Guard
Emperor's Children


  1. Interesting line up there, can't wait to see the Warhammer Fantasy release schedule. Not sure what they can add to the Imperial Guard codex other than altering tanks? Perhaps adding a new flyer like the Vulture Gunship or Thunderbolt fighter.

    1. The main thing with guard is hopefully going to be recosting *cough*Vendettas*cough* a lot of things. I'm not sure what else new we'd be likely to see though.

    2. Not sure what they can add to the IG dex? really?
      There is tons they could do with IG supplements.
      - Siege Regiment
      - Assault Regiment
      - Armored Company
      - Imperial Navy
      - Gaunt's Ghosts.
      - Renegade Militia
      - Catachan
      - Vostroyan
      - Steel Legion
      - Iron Guard

    3. make Ogryns more competitive? PLEASE!

    4. @frank: I think C Dorrian is referring to the main codex. But that's what separates GW from us. We think they lack creativity, and yet with every codex released, new units appear that no one on forums dreamed up despite all the wish-listing.

      That's why they do this and we don't. :)

      Good list of supplement ideas, though!

    5. What would be nice to see is playing about with force org to make platoons more effective and themey, such as (for example) taking a Valkyrie/Leman Russ/Siege battery/Sentinel squadron as a 0-1 force org choice attached ONLY to a platoon, but acting as a normal unit. That would allow armies to be created in a more thematic sense for an armoured, airborne or jungle fighters, siege

      Also, taking specific veteran upgrades to allow a troop transport option such as Elysians as a veteran/storm troopers option and taking a Valkyrie as a transport, or Catachans getting infiltrate and scout.

      Making Ogryns more powerful would make sense, perhaps bashing at AP4?

      Ah, I dunno. Just thinking sideways.

    6. @McDoogle: well said man. You hit the nail on the head with that one. And yet, there will still be whingers. *sigh*

    7. @McDoogle: you really made me smile there. Always good to see some enthusiasm and positivity.

    8. @Matt Charman, @McDoogle: Which model didn't you expect in Tau codex? The flyer or the ubersuit? Oh, yes, the great surprise was... oh, wait, they left it aside so they could include it in future supplements. Always tired to see positivity. To find positivity, I go to there they tell you that the most amazing thing to do is buying a one-click bundle for $1,000. We all had enthusiasm for them, it is their fault if we lost it.

    9. What I~ would most like to see is Veterans moved into the platoons, i.e. 0-1 or 0-2 per platoon. I personally die a little inside everytime I play a guard army with more veteran squads than infantry squads. After all, if they're in majority, they're not veterans anymore, they're just the normal guys...

  2. Replies
    1. If it'll be an Orktober, my wife will not be happy with me :)

      Nevertheless, i would assign a 3+ roll on disbelief for the Orktober, as there has to be some slot more for the Hobbit or Fantasy.

      On the other hand, it would fit to the rest of the year, this is why i don't assign a 2+ roll on disbelief.


    2. I play Tau, Lizardmen, Eldar and Templars... It's looking like my wife isn't going to be liking me much either. Good thing these battlesuits lock from the inside...

  3. No chance, back to back 40k codex? and space marines released at the same time at the Mystery box?

    Lots of salt needed here.

    1. I thought October was the mystery box. But I agree. Mystery box (Inquisition?!?) will be a stand-alone release. They won't dump Orks on top of it, and they won't do 40k back-to-back. That would push Orks to November at the earliest, unless they slide a Fantasy release in between, which would put Orks in December. But with Hobbit in December, we can all sleep straight through Christmas and not worry about it.

    2. No, its going to be: Orktober!!!

    3. 90% chance of games workshop doing this. The love lame catch phrases after all...

    4. They've done it for fantasy orcs before, even had a green white dwarf! They'd do it again

    5. @Simian: There's plenty of chance they do this. They now have independent teams working on 40k, WHFB (with some spillover), White Dwarf, Warzones and the Supplements. They did this to allow for as much to happen at once, and to ensure each system gets as much attention as possible.

  4. Are rumours still pointing towards a non Hobbit release for December?

    1. It will be the hobbit in decemver because of the movie

    2. It's been said multiple times that hobbit releases won't conflict with or slow down 40k releases. Think this is screwing alot of people up.

  5. Hey natfka any word yet on who wrote the new Space Marine book?

  6. The Fallen isn't a rumour, is a news.

    1. All that's been said is a guy from GW is pushing for a fallen supplement, that != official announcement, so it is a rumour

    2. There's no set release order for the Supplements. They are literally a labor of love. Fans of the factions themselves, they are released pretty much as the ideas are compiled and published.

  7. I do not at all believe in a space wolves codex in 2014

    1. I can, they were committed to releasing a 6th ed codex for all armies within, I believe 2 years. Nice thing about wolves and/or DE is that they don't necessairaly need a tonne of work to make them a valid 6th ed dex. Tweek the blood Claws and Long Fangs, ad some new unit such as wolfen and you are done.

    2. dont forget downgrade our psycic shut down

    3. All codices will be fully updated, Necrons, Grey Knights, and even Sisters included, before the 2nd Avengers movie hits theaters.

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  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Move Black Templar. December is hobbit. There has never been a dex in December as long as I can remember, and this year and next year are both reserved for hobbit Christmas's

    1. I still think Black Templar are September. It makes even more sense with Orks being the next codex (Armageddon) and December for Space Marines with Tyranids being the January release. It would also explain why we have lots more Black Templar rules rumors than Space Marine, too.

    2. Since 6th edition, however, a lot of the "there has never been..." notions have gone out the window.

      More creative, balanced, and diverse armies coming out at a ridiculous pace. The company has separated The Hobbit releases from the two core games, as well as the Supplements and Warzones. This mean they won't disrupt each other's releases. Hobbit stuff can come out right alongside a codex or army book without a problem.

    3. I think Christine is right on.

  11. So, just as I thought early in the year, there will be an unprecedent six codexes in 2013: DA, CD, Eldar, Tau, SM, Orks, PLUS Apocalypse AND several supplements which themselves are something unseen since the 3rd Edition.

    Still, one has to ask: WHERE ARE THE SISTERS? At this rate, even Raging Heroes will be able to release their not-Sister line before GW does...

    1. Raging Heroes releasing first is a good thing. They can show GW how Sisters should be done.
      (As opposed to Space Marines in drag.)

    2. Raging Heroes releasing first is a good thing. They can show GW how Sisters should be done.
      (As opposed to Space Marines in drag.)

    3. @Snowtrooper: Not a valid, nor relevant question. Sisters are being worked on, but they need an entire model range overhaul, plenty of additions to bring them in line with the other factions, and tons of rules changes to alter them from being slightly feminine Space Marines.

      The other codices are coming out so fast because there are just a handful of releases. Sisters need the Dark Eldar/Necrons treatment, and thus will likely be last. It takes one year (words directly from ALL parties involved) from a final sculpt until it's parted out and on a sprue. Seeing as how they will need about 8 plastic kits, or more, plus a rules overhaul, expect them last.

      It has nothing to do with GW "ignoring," "screwing," or "not caring" about Sisters (as the uninformed masses seem to think).

      Even if they are last, it will be less than 2 years out.

      I'd rather have Sisters last, but done right, while keeping up this release pace; as opposed to putting everything on hold so Sisters can come out now, make their 5 players happy, while we sit 9 months without anything for 40k.

    4. @McDoogle,

      Ok, so Sisters will take a while to be done, right?

      Why is it that nothing HAS been done yet?
      One would think that if it took a long time you would work on it for a long time but going by what GW has said, it seems there has been no progress on them at all for years and there still isn't any.

      Sisters won't just be last, if at all, but will likely be last by close to a year after everyone else if this is the actual case.

    5. I'm actually okay with Sisters being last. IF they are done right an' proppa, what this means is that power-creep will be on their side. FINALLY.

  12. Finally, Orks in the lineup! yay :)

  13. Random question, why is black legion up on Wikipedia under current codices? With August as the release date.

  14. You missing the mystery release in the Fall and codices are not released in Dec.
    You can't just look at 40K. You have to add in Fanatsy if you want to see a better picture.

    1. @Hokiecow: That's not true. They aren't going to abide by the "no December releases ever!" thing anymore. Also, there are (mostly) different teams working Fantasy and 40k so that their releases can come closer together.

      He missed nothing.

    2. Next year will be the last Hobbit year and GW will have to come up with something in its stead, so December releases are very viable option.

      Ignoring seasonality, something every manager and board member likes to see is that sales of new products remain stable from month to month. Selling existing consumer products on Christmas is taken granted, selling equal amounts of something new every month is a much more timely measure of the success. And this is where December releases come in.

    3. When have they said they will release Fantasy or 40K in Dec? It has yet to be done. The only thing that has gone in Dec before is LoTR/Hobbit. Dec is mianly about rolling models and bundels for the holidays. I don't see that trend changing. New new armies in Dec.

  15. Your predicted release schedule is interesting to say the least Natfka, from what we've seen it doesn't appear that GW are doing back to back 40k releases, yet you have Space Marines followed by Orks and Black Templars followed by Tyranids, not to mention December more than likely being a Hobbit release month. I'm no expert but my prediction would be:
    Sep: Space Marines
    Oct: Dark Elves
    Nov: Orks
    Dec: Hobbit
    Jan: Dwarfs/Wood Elves
    Feb: Black Templar/Tyranids
    Mar: Dwarfs/Wood Elves
    Apr: Black Templar/Tyranids

    Unless there is a black box (Blood bowl/Inquisition) month which would see everything 40k/Fantasy pushed back...exciting times ahead regardless :)

    1. This is the schedule I more than likely see in the future. I doubt that with the money that GW is making from these fast releases of army books/codex's that they will spend an entire month on a black box release. If anything they will do like they do the supplements and release them halfway through one of the months. I think they did that for dreadfleet when it was released, but I'm not quite sure..

      I can't wait for my dark elves tho :D

  16. There is no way in the Warp that December will be Black Templars. There is a new Hobbit movie out then, and they seem to want to keep releasing things for that game.
    Pretty sure December is going to be Tolkin month.

  17. I only care about the Black Templars release, I would love it to be September (we need it more than any Codex) but I feel that it won't. Saving all my monies till then!

  18. i could see GW dropping the vendetta altogether in the new codex

    the kit is for the valkyrie and that will stay and be recosted as a flying transport and then possibly they release a new dual flyer kit for a fighter and a bomber more in line with the imperial flyers

    flyer/bommer, storm trooper/veterans, hydra maybe more but thats

    1. I can't see them dropping the Vendetta, I could easily see them bumping the points cost up on it though. I mean, 130 points for 3 Twin-Linked Lascannons, that's also a flyer with armor 12 on all but the backside, and it can hold troops within it.

    2. Yea, totally underpowered.

  19. So the Iron Warriors supplement wasn't being worked on after all? :(

  20. October will be ORKTOBERFEST !!!!!! WAAAGHHHH

  21. I think its odd for GW to put a bunch of 40k releases together. Especially considering that September has always been for box releases such as starter sets and December was always used for Hobbit and holiday stuff. Thus they wouldn't technically move the other releases. Also, the original Hastings had Orks after IG. I think then the release schedule would be something like this:
    Sep: Box (prolly inquisition)
    Oct: Marines
    Nov: Dark Elves
    Dec: Hobbit
    Jan: Tyranids
    Feb: Dwarfs?
    Mar: IG
    Apr: Wood Elves?
    May: Orks
    June: Fantasy of some kind
    July: Maybe Fantasy 9th edition?
    Aug: Black Templars
    Sep: Fantasy 9th edition starter set?
    Oct: Fantasy Army book
    Nov: Sisters/Space Wolves?
    Dec: Hobbit (for the third film)

    Then we could see a pattern of 40k/Fantasy that only breaks for big releases.


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