Imperial Armour 2 is being worked on, and while it is not looking like it will be coming out this year, it lets us in on some of the workings going on at Forgeworld right now.

This was sent in by a reader here on Faeit 212, a response from Forgeworld regarding Imperial Armour 2.

via Forgeworld
       Thank you for your email.  We are currently working on a 2nd edition of Imperial Armour Volume 2, but it is unlikely to be released this year.  We are updating the army lists from the older books as we go and we hope to have an updated Eldar Corsair list on the downloads of our website in the next couple of months.

If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.

Forge World


  1. Maybe the Templar rumor isn't so far off...

  2. Eldar Corsairs updated, yeah! A step forward toward an Exodite supplement by Phil Kelly :)

  3. BTW this is the standard canned response you get when you ask FW about updates to *ANYTHING* that is out of date.

    Its the same one I got for IA11 and IA:A2.

  4. The real question: are the data sheets up to date for the new Apocalypse, and is Imperial Armor 1 (revised)up to date for the new Apocalypse, or will they have to do a digital update?

  5. That would mean a SISTER mini rerelease !


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