Now that the release Farsight Enclave is out now, there were some noticeable errors that we had posted on the site for the codex supplement. I hope this clears up what you can expect out of the Farsight Enclave supplement.

Of course I am still going to wait for the hardcover on this one to pick it up. There are a lot more supplement info coming, its going to be fun.

A huge thanks to one of our readers for helping us stay on top of this.

via an anonymous reader here at Faeit 212
 I have some clarifications regarding the farsight book as some info posted was wrong as well as some stuff that hasnt been posted yet.

all xv8 crisis teams are troops instead of elite. you have to take at least 1 unit with 3 crisis (not including drones)

army wide prefered enemy: orks when making close combat attacks.

units in a farsight enclaves army that can take the bonding knife ritual special rule must do so.

instead of using the signature systems of codex:tau empire you have to select from the signature systems of the farsight enclaves.

a farsight enclaves army cannot inculde aun'va or commander shadowsun (there is no restriction that allows no ethereals)

a farsigh enclaves army follows the allies matrix of codex: Tau Empire. in addition Farsight enclaves and Tau empire armys may ally as Battle Brothers.

warlord Traits:
1: the warlord has WS 5 if he is not equipped in a battlesuit he has to reroll the result.
2: the warlord has one of the following special rules: counter-attack, furious charge, monster hunter, stubborn or tank hunter.
3: one use only. at the start of the opponents turn you can declare this warlord trait, if you do so the enemy has a -1 modifier to his reserve rolls he makes this turn.
4: the warlord has  the fearless special rule. all friendly units of codex: tau empire within 6" have the stubborn special rule.
5: crisis teams have a +1 modifier to their reserve rolls
6: one use only. declare this warlord trait in one of your shooting phases. if you do so the warlord and his units weapons have the shred special rule.

the signature systems are true in the rumours. except for the fusion blades:

fusion blades:
replace one twin linked fusion blaster for a fusion blade:
shooting: 18" s 8 ap 1 assault 1, melta, twin linked
melee :  S 8 ap 1 melee, armourbane, blind, bower outage.


  1. "the warlord has WS 5 if he is not equipped in a battlesuit he has to reroll the result."

    So is it WS 5 if you take a Fireblade or just the re-rolls?

    1. If the WL is in a battle suit he has WS 5. If he has no battle suit reroll on the trait table.

  2. Looks like fun. I wasn't planning on running an enclave army, but it might be worth it, if only to field an all suit army ;)

    If your fireblade is your warlord then he cannot have WS5. He re-rolls till he gets one of the other traits.
    Just like the Jetpack related traits in the regular Tau codex



  4. slightly baffled about the notion of Farsight's buddies being battle brothers with the Tau Empire, what with him being a dastardly traitor. Other than that, rather good.

    1. You can play the Enclave prey traitor phase.

    2. If there is a common enemy, both of the enclaves and the tau Empire have been known to join up with each other in more then one occasion.

      At least that makes more sense then Dark Eldar and Eldar joining each other.

    3. You have to remember Far sights fluff, even from the standard Tau codex - this dude is a hero, larger than life, and try as they might, the ethereals can't erase his memory. So when this guy shows up to your hopeless situation, right out of legend... I think battle brothers makes perfect sense. more over, could you see Far sight, especially in light of his new better greater good approach to leave his empire kin to the wolves if he could intervene? He fights for the Tau as a species, and it furthers his agenda to make sure the empire doesn't forget him.

  5. These supplements are kind of scary. At first I thought " hell yea, that is basically adding one spot to each of my slots for free" then I realized as more armies get supplements we may drift off to spamming again. We all know the minute you see a chaos supplement you will be seeing 4 hell drakes on the tables.

  6. Josh, you can already see four helldrakes on the table - or six even - in a 2000 point game. Unless you are one of those people that does the 1999+1 malarky - at which point IMHO you are in house-rule territory anyway so you might as well houserule away allied supplements too. I personally enjoy playing by the books as written since I agree with Jervis that restrictions on army-building should be less rather than more.

    1. This I agree with. Where I play we play games @ 1850 or lower just to avoid the dual FoC. It really just takes away the silliness that GW tries to sell.

    2. I was referring to games less than 2000 points. But now that you mentioned it that will get ridiculous as well. Now there will be 8 on the board after 2000. I play by the book and my worry is more on the effect of tournaments rather than a pick up game.

  7. What units can take the fusion blades? Just crisis suits?

    1. Commander with twin-linked Fusion Blasters. It upgrades one set (in case he has two) to Fusion Blades.

      Power Outage is a little risky though. At the end of any assault phase you use the melee profile you roll a D6 and on a roll of 1 neither shooting or melee profile can be used for the rest of the game.

    2. Well that sucks big time. So if he rolls a 1 and it's going to happen at some time, you have a very expensive commander in a battle suit that’s useless. Another of those stupid rules GW makes up, just like the Tau bomber that suddenly for the rest of the game can’t make any more bombs and just becomes a flying duck for the rest of the game, then gets ignored by everyone.

    3. You can also take the Fusion blades on a riptide with twin linked fusion blaster. Just saying.

    4. @Pirex you can't as it has to be a commander to get the Fusion Blades.

  8. I'm a bit confused. Can I use Tau Empire as primary list, Farsight Enclave as secondary detachment and at the same time have Shadow Sun in my TE list?

  9. Digital Edition (ipad) got updated last night.

  10. thanks to this "ally with yourself" rule GW allows a almost not killable unit:

    primary detatchmend: farsight enclave, farsight and O'vesa
    allied detatchmend : tau empire, Aun'va

    put aun'va with o'vesa together and form a unit. you now got a unit with 3 T 3 models and 3 T 6 models (o'vesa comes with drones). when the enemy fires at you, they fire against T 6. what really breaks this however is the following:

    put Aun'va up in the front. let him soak up all the damage. he is immune to AP 1 weapons and almost immune to AP 2. all wounds with AP 3 or worse can get look out sir! rolls and then be saved by O'vesas 2+ armour save.
    yes this "unit" is expensive, but aunva has 2 invocation of elements per turn. so place his unit in the middle of your army and have a solid suppporting unit that can also fire exceptionally well with O'vesa and his shielded missle drones. to top it all O'vesa comes with early warning override and earth caste pilot array, so he can also intercept and overwatch pretty nicely.

    congratulations GW... you bring stuff like this on the board but stick your middle finger towards nids who have no ally at all.


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