This last week we had been talking a lot about Tau Mercenaries which is based off of Kroot and possibly Vespid (unclear still at the moment). Then yesterday we had a very reliable source kick in and inform us that yes, Tau Mercenaries are in the line up, and that yes, another supplement beyond even that for Tau.

if you missed the rumor, and want more, here is the link
Tau have two more books; one for kroot and one for "the rest" of the expanded empire.

There is the possiblity of another supplement as well, but for now we will leave that out, and concentrate on the rumors from our reliable rumor checker.

Tau Mercenaries
So what rumors do we have that give us information on what this might mean? Obviously it will focus on Kroot, and possibly Vespid, giving us HQ options, wargear, new army rules. There is a good chance that we will see Tau Mercenaries in 2014, could it bring a new model or two?

This will be a big release for the Hobby, as a kroot codex is something highly desired by a good section of our hobby.

Recent Whispers
My best guesses are a plastic pack kroot hq, which I saw in design before. This would be a slightly bigger kroot than the current troops. Had a tau rifle, not a kroot gun. A bit more armor than a standard kroot. Standing on a rock in a "crossing the Delaware" pose. Caveat that this was still in CAD, lots can change, and it was last fall.

Also a vespid plastic kit thats been ready for a while.

Some old Past Whispers
1. Kroot HQ is in the works!

2. Kroot to get own transport

3. Kroot will get light armor saves (6+)

4. Kroot shaper will allow for the unit to have a special genetic trait.

5. Vespids reworked and getting a Heavy unit

Some Older and Speculative Whispers
Vespids get two slots (unknown if this is an additional two, or two overall). Kroot get an additional unit

No Knarloc riders,though perhaps something big (new WFB monster-szied) for the Kroot

minor psychic powers for Shapers or Shaper like character

Tau Expanded Empire
Now this supplement is intriguing because I do not know where it is going. Could it actually include the Demiurg? Human Conscripts? or is it just another part of the Empire and will be Tau centric. This one is still so far out, and unknown that really speculation is all we have beyond a temporary title that we can use for reference. Tau Expanded Empire.


  1. I can see Gue'vesa happening, seeing how they were earlier in chapter approved and how they already have a range of models for them.

    1. I would actually like to see Gue'Veda as an IG supplement than Tau...

    2. Well if the last post on here about the Fallen turns out to be a joint DA and CSM supplement (as per the comments) then maybe if Gue'Veda gets a supplement then maybe it will be a joint IG and Tau one?

    3. why would IG want a Gue'vesa supplement they are just IG units??? basically getting exactly what you already have.

      I would prefer to get a new race. GW could rewrite the fluff to Nicassar saying they fight with tau instead of under Tau protection. There are also Demiurg, Galgs, Hrenian, Morralian, Terrellian, Ranghon, and Ji'atrix. 4 of which fight with or for the Tau to some degree.

    4. While this would be awesome, i personally cant see GW releasing whole new lines of figures for races that only appear in one supplement. still, we can dream eh?

    5. Actually there are rumors that the supplements that don't need models will come out first and the ones coming out later will have some kind of model release so it's possible.

      Plus since when has GW passed up an opportunity to make money. (not that I fault them for it)

  2. One thing I'd like to see is a Tau "auxiliaries" supplement, which these do seem to move towards. I really like the idea of the Tau having a Roman "legion" in their hunter cadres, that is highly trained and well equipped Tau (Roman) forces as their center, while using auxiliary troops fill in where Tau numbers and inclination cannot.

    Having a supplement to field an auxiliary "Legion" seems like a lot of fun to me.

  3. I will admit I am skeptical of additional models being released because of supplements. Perhaps once it happens these rumors will be much easier to believe but new models with a supplement just hasn't happened yet.

    1. I see your point, but the models are already floating out there they just need to put them on the market. Going to the greedy theory, gw probably sold a bunch of vespid when the tau codex got updated and will sell more if they release the plastic kits when a supplement comes out.

    2. I can totally see the release of new single models, or updates of current non plastic ones... But I agree on prob not gonna see any big kits with supps.

    3. Actually, I am not sure they sold that many Vespid. I have two full squads (11 ea) and no desire field them as they take up the same FOC slot as pathfinders, piranhas, razosharks, sunsharks, gun drone squadrons, tetras, barracudas, and XV-9 Hazard teams(all of which suit their own jobs better than vespids fit theirs).

      Vespids did get slightly better in the new codex, but they are also more expensive now(in both dollars and points). I have never seen anyone use them except for myself because they are simply not worth giving up the pathfinders' markerlights.

      I really like the models though.

  4. This may be really late, but on page 90 of the Tau Codex I just realized that a lot of the Farsight heroes are already built and in the picture O.o

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. (bloody spell check on my ipad... that was completely incoherent. Terran technology...)

    Good catch! The only ones missing are O'vesa (the Riptide) and Arra'kon (the XV-805). Brightsword and his fusion blades appears to be in the third set of three battlesuits from the front of the scene.

    Hmmm... Tau eye candy.

  6. "Tau Mercenaries" sounds more like a propper codex than it does a suppliment. Which makes me add a little more salt to the rumor.
    The reason I say this is that most suppliments don't seem to add models etc to it (At least as of now), so with the list of things that they will get I am just sceptical.

  7. This sounds exciting to me. While I'm not keen on Tau, I've always liked the Kroot. Let's hope the "old whispers" were actually right.

    I want a Kroot HQ, Transport and some big Kroot monster. I only hope plastic hounds and krootox will be released too.

  8. I'm a bit suspicious about the fact that Vespids are being mentioned with this at all. The Kroot are mercs, the Vespid are fully integrated Tau Empire citizens. And frankly, if they had plastic vespids ready, they would have released them with the codex. Rules are being written to models.

    Personally I'm of the opinion that billy bullshitters are using the uncertainty of direction and newness of supplements to craft artful fairy stories about follow-up model waves and everyone's favourite wishlisted armies. Shame on them.

    1. Agreed. No new models have been released for either Iyanden nor Farsight. Neither does it make sense to release new models for most of the other rumoured supplements. What would you add to Ravenguard or Speed Freeks that isn't there alrady.


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