Here is a Sneak Preview of some finished "Redemption of the Fallen" miniatures that are now done for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. There are more to take a look at by following the link below.

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to the service of veterans, the victims of war and disaster here in the United States, and throughout the world. The best part of it is that puts a great foot forward for our hobby as a whole. The charities involved are Doctor's without Borders, the Fischer House Foundation, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

How can I help? Below are the pics of the armies that the foundation is raffling off for charity. There are currently three raffles going and you can help by donating as little as 10 dollars, and you get a chance to win on of the following fantastic armies.

For the whole previous article here on Faeit 212 on the Nova Open Charitable Foundation, follow the link below.

Raffle for Emergency Relief 
with Doctors without Borders
1850pt Dark Angel Army

Raffle for Military Families 
with the Fischer House Foundation
1000pt Necron Army

Raffle for Breast Cancer Research 
with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
35pt Khador Army


  1. I'd be more inclined to participate if it was an auction instead of a raffle, though I suspect I may be in the minority there in regards to my distrust of chance.

    Still, it's a good cause and I hope others will be more open.

    The reward for your money is the help you'll be giving Doctor's Without Borders. Winning an army should be a nice surprise bonus, not the WHY behind your donation.

    So... good on ya, NOVA.

  2. This is a nice thing to see. I hope more events can arrange this sort of benefit.

  3. This is awesome, drawing or not, I'll support them :)

  4. Support my favourite charity AND get a chance to win a DA army? HELL YEAH!


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