Apocalypse information was discovered out of the latest White Dwarf, and is a collection of what is coming in the Apocalypse book that is already up for pre-orders.

This was sent in to me this morning, and it gives us some direct information (which if you were reading last week all of the Apocalypse rumors were direct, just not from the White Dwarf). So lets break this down a little bit and take a look at it.

Please remember that these are being gleaned from the latest White Dwarf, and as such, there is still room for error. Nothing is solid until we have the book in hand.

Thanks MG from http://darogscompany.blogspot.ru/ for the info.

via FodaBett from Apocalypse40k and new WD
Scoring is done based on the number of strategic objectives controlled each break and at the end of the battle.

There are six new scenarios to play and several dozen Strategic Assets, which allow you to outmanoeuvre your foes, place minefields in front of them or bombard them from orbit. Unnatural disasters erupt across the warzoneo magma storms fall from the sky while seismic explosions rip apart the battlefield. Your Warlords can even perform heroic acts during the game, which could potentially turn the tide of battle. lust make sure they don't get killed while doing it there's nothing quite so tragic as having your commander blown to bits in their finest hour.

*Studio's Tesseract Vault and the Obelisk: both of the Vaults have the Seismic Assault Ascendant Power
(you've got to give them two out of a list of six, and all of them are truly nasty), which unleashes a massive 6D6 S8 AP3 shots per turn (new apoc barage).
*The Obelisk: its Gravity Pulse ability automatically hits enemy nyers in both shooting phases.
Having a whole Battle Company gives you some major advantages, such as a bonus Orbital Strike
*Strategic Asset and the Comrades-in-Arms rule, which enables all squads in the Battle Company to fire overwatch for nearby allies when they are assa ulted.
*Ripctide Wing: 3+ Riptides gains Coordinated Attacks and Networked Reactors
Transcendent C'Tan (no rules listed)
*WraithKnight Dreamwalker Squad: 3-5 Wraithknights. Gains Dreamwalk (fluff mentions faster response times)
*Baneblade: 525 pts (with no sponsons), can take 2 sets of sponsons for 50pts a pair (lost option for flamer sponsons and option for extra armor), commisar tank upgrade for 45pts, and command tank upgrade for 200pts.  HK/Stubber/SB all as guard codex
*Librarius: five+ Librarians, will unleash a Force Vortex. Woe betide anyone who is caught in that!
*Predator Assassin Squadron: Three new Predator Annihilators should be a match for most armoured
targets (their killshot rule makes their firepower even more dangerous than usual. making them fire as a D-weapon if all their lascannons hit). At the start of the game I have to nominate a chosen target and they do a lot better against that (all weapons are twin-linked), but as long as I choose the right formation for the right targets, they will be deadly.
*Legionnaire Warband: units have Hatred and be Fearless, so long as they're within 12" of a Space Marine. *Warlord may call Finest Hour. So Death Guard with Typhus get Feel No Pain and Fearless.
*Heldrake Fear Squadron:  pre-game Vector Strike, as well as its 'always-on ' Daemonforge.

*Crusade Banner: Pick a Marine standard bearer, all marine units with models within 24" gain FNP
*Camouflage: any army.  Pick a friendly HQ unit.  Friendly units within 24" of that model have shrouded the first turn of the game
*Blind Barrage: The same
*Trophy Kill Strategic Asset rewards us with three extra victory points if we can kill the enemy Warmaster.
*Entropic Plague Strategic Asset, which, on the turn I use it, strips every model within 3D6" of my Warlord of its armour save. Very nice indeed.


  1. Entropic Plague sounds nasty. I imagine Typhus getting great use out of that.

  2. sounds like the copypastet from the apoc clubs for the scoring mechanic

    the rest is all shades of meh depending on the points you will have to pay

    entropic plague, sound useless caus it hits youre own guys too... don´t see the point since armour save are not an issue in apoc games

    it will all really boil down to what the D-weapons will do and how strong they will be.... caus they can negat all the FNP and shrouded stuff and after all those things are not that strong at 5+k points

    1. Overlord going solo in a catacomb command barge could make great use of it against a terminator heavy army. Makes flayed ones useful!

    2. yes
      BUT this is apoc... you don´t have a army terminator heavy... you have everything you have &/or you use titans
      if you really have choice in makeing the army you go all out titans with D-weapons (at least thats how it was) anything beyond that should be anti armour so you can kill enem superheaveys & gargantuans
      Troops are a minor issue in apoc and not very good over all.
      Ofc in under 5k games these things can be very strong... but youre opponent will have simular stuff. These fromations and assasets are purelly there to make the small units count a bit more, but its really all about titans and superheavys

    3. I fully believe that games workshop didn't write the original apocalypse or this one with the mindset of encouraging the use of forgeworld. They are aiming this at their primary audiance which are younger gamers who have bought a load of GW stuff and want to be able to use all of it in a game rather than just an army limited by the FOC.

      Sure in reality because FW exists older gamers turn to them for their apocalypse stuff but that's not what games workshop care about

    4. AAAAmmmmmm
      the orignial apoc book was IA volum 1... FW made the first apoc rules... what GW made later was just a copypast of those IA 1 & 2 rules.
      Sure for the broader adiance but that includes the veteran players. And you can buy the stompa and banblade and the 2 new kits without going to FW. There is a reason they made them plastic.

    5. Stop feeding the troll. Warlord22 doesn't even play 40k, clearly.

    6. why? becaus i said something you dont agree on?


    7. You make nonsensical statements constantly.

  3. "*Legionnaire Warband: units have Hatred and be Fearless, so long as they're within 12" of a Space Marine. *Warlord may call Finest Hour. So Death Guard with Typhus get Feel No Pain and Fearless."

    How should this be interpreted? Sarcastic?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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