No enemy can hide its intentions from the threads within the warp. All futures are played out, some are just eventualities, others, more direct and concrete. Shifting through the possible paths of the future, the divination's lead us down the path of enlightenment, and most importantly salvation.

Each week, Faeit's Rumor Tarot will take a look at what rumors came up among the myriad of games that were covered here on Faeit 212. On occasion I will be breaking any weekend developments that were discovered or revealed, so keep a watch out, for on the Faeit's Tarot, you never know what secrets there may be.

This week seemed to be mostly dedicated to codex supplements. There was a lot of information coming at us this week, and some of it conflicted with each other a little. So lets get down to it, so that we can divine exactly what it is that is coming in the future.

Breaking Cult Terminators

This comes from a very solid source that has helped us verify rumors in the past
via an anonymous and solid source on Faeit 212
World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Death Guard and Emperor's Children are getting supplements eventually.

The elite unit entries in the core codex don't necessarily reflect World Eaters, just Khorne Berserkers, for example.

The Legion lists will have unit entries for Berserker/Plague/Rubric/Noise Terminators, unique warlord traits, and some fun wargear stuff.

Tau have two more books; one for kroot and one for "the rest" of the expanded empire.

The above rumor was mostly a sources a response to the rumors posted that there would be no mono-god legions, and that Tau would be receiving more than just a mercenaries supplement.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Not all sub factions within 40k will receive supplements. Only those who have the potential to bring an alternate yet characterful play style to the tabletop and have the scope for expanding the lore.

Just over half the space marine chapters of the first founding will receive a supplement.

The mono-god legions will NOT be getting a supplement. It's felt they are well enough reflected in the codex. Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Word Bearers were given as Examples of Chaos Legion Supplements

Out of the four remaining craftworlds, there's only plans to turn three of them into supplements.

Tau are not scheduled to get a single additional supplement, but instead there's going to be three!!!

Tau Mercenaries Supplement Verified

via an Anonymous Source on Faeit 212
Tau Mercs
another Tau Supplement is in the works, it lines up with a few other rumours I've heard about the Tau before it was released to the world. Vespid and Kroot HQ choices, and the ability to play a non "Tau" Lists.

via Stickmonkey on Faeit 212
I have a little more on the Tau mercs supplement.

First, I was told this wasnt planned be out til Q1.

Second, I was told that either this or one of the eldar supplements would be the first with a model wave to go along with it. I wasnt told which models or which eldar supplement.

Codex Supplements

via Stickmonkey on Faeit 212
I'd heard Biel-Tan was being worked on after Iyaden, and Saim-Hann was later.  But from what I've heard lately it seems the supplements are pure labors of love, and not necessarily slotting into releases like we've traditionally thought.  That they are following a "when it's done" release scheme, and not strict deadlines.  Multiple digital supplements in a month would also not be unheard of.

There is a lot going on.  I've heard scattered rumors of 2014 seeing many new models introduce to codexes with rules in box, but I haven't confirmed this.

via Stickmonkey on Faeit 212
I wanted to add to it some I've heard being talked about, no timelines, no state of completion, just what I've heard going up on the designers wish list, sorry:

  Speed Freaks

  Ultra Marines
  White Scars
  Raven Guard
  Imperial/Crimson Fists

Blood Angels:

  Emperors Children
  Death Guard
  World Eaters
  (Rounding out the big 4)

   Steel Legion

   Kraken,(interestingly no mention of Behemoth)
   (And mention of Catachan Devil has come up a few times)

Space Wolves:
  13th Company

Space Marines

via Larry Vela on the Bols
Regarding the "larger terminators" - these models are described as being similar in aesthetic to the curving shapes of both the Contemptor and Tau Stealth suits. Bigger than current Terminators - but smaller than a Dreadnought.

Regarding the "big kit" - this model has been described as being the "lovechild of an existing Dreadnought, and a Contemptor - but ENORMOUS.  It has also been described as a "Knight" with the following old EPIC images hinted at:

Black Templar

via Larry Vela on BoLS:
A large kit design was reported as follows:
- a fully enclosed "dreadknight"
- wielding a large crusader shield and mace
- upper body mounted assault cannon

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There's a new Space Marine kit that is akin to a dreadknight.  Has several weapon options.  Monstrous Creature, somewhere in between dreadnought and dreadknight.  Gets a gun and a weapon. Several options. Presumably BT would get a variant?

Wood Elves

via Stickmonkey on Bols Lounge
Wood Elves have a massive update coming. And they will be fine in the current and next edition with it.
I expect them late spring 2014.

Some of what Ive heard is:
Still a major guerrilla tactics army. Skirmishers are still prevalent.

New giant Treekin dual unit.

New Stag Monstrous Cavalry unit.

Best archers in the game.

Dryads having abilities to manipulate enemy unit structure.

New mpp wild rider kit

New mpp wardancer/waywatcher kit

Wardancers causing rank bonus to work against enemy.

New hawkriders kit.

WE wizards (spellsingers) have spells that manipulate environment, including making a new grove of trees and one causing an enemy unit to enter combat with the ground/terrain

WE have significant benefits within woods both stationary and moving.

Tree units able to start hidden in wooded terrain.

Blood Bowl

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
fantasy flight games will release their 1st edition of blood bowl with 4 teams human, orcs, dwarves & wood elves each team will be only 11 men. Lrb6 will be included with standard pitch dugout and templates.


  1. Looks like interesting times ahead.

    Might have to think about a mono-god army, including Daemons, but it depends on which have the best models.

    Tyranids would have to be ABB (Awesome Beyond Belief) in order for me to consider them instead. I like monsters.

    Either way, I would like to collect Catachans. But the models would have to change as they just don't look right. I know they probably OD on steroids and the like but the models still look wrong.

    Space Marines, I'll have to wait and see. But I like the sound of the Black Templars.

  2. hey faeit anything on dwarves hoping for something soon XD really keen to pull them out again soon :)

  3. nid supplement should be a Genestealer Cult army list......

    1. Nah that should be low priority, I'd rather have all the Hive Fleets covered first. After that I would still rather not have Genestealer Cults added as a Supplement. Cool fluff read for a codex, but not as actual playable models for the table-top, sorry...

    2. Genestealer Cults don't have the numbers or power level to justify an entire army on the table top taking on other proper forces. It's more of a Necromunda style thing where they appear in gangs, underground, and infest a small populace. They also aren't going to release a supplement that you HAVE to buy just to play a model.

      Hive Fleets will be worked on first. Maybe a Cult way down the road, but that could probably be saved for some campaign-specific event or supplement.

    3. I think the power levels could be good. Just have super broodload hq and magus and let u use guard and stealers.

      Stealers aren't what they used to be but they are still a competent hth unit which with infiltrate is gonna keep people away for the few extra turns to dakka them into submission.

      Also the background rocks

    4. @ mcdoogle: the tau merc dex is said to have kroot hq choice(s) so there's an example of models you would need a supplement to play!

  4. Cult Terminators? 8D Let it be truest true! Too bad we won't see new miniatures for Chaos terminators in nearest future.

    1. It'd probably be a resin upgrade kit like the cult troops now

    2. Or maybe a plastic kit with bitz to make all of the cult termies in a single box.

      ...oh how I love to dream.

    3. GW might just tell us to use the legion specific terminators form Forgeworld's Horus Heresy line.

      They wouldn't have to pay the costs of making a new kit.

  5. I hope so much for rubric termies, like if gw does this they will easily profit a 1,000 dollars off me.

  6. Why do I get the feeling the guys watching the Supplements haven't got a clue about what they're talking about? The information is extremely conflicting.

    1. I don't believe anything stickmonkey says and anyone who has followed rumors for awhile shouldn't either.

    2. I'm not beliving either until we see some harder evidence - they both seem to be babbling nonsense from the Warp right now.

  7. I'm really surprised GW didn't come out with cult terminators for the new Chaos dex/rules to go along with them.

    1. 1. Because there was already model representation (technically) with the generic kit - thus avoiding a Chapterhouse meltdown.

      2. They want to ensure every army gets the same amount of "new" releases.

      That's not to say they aren't or haven't already worked on something separate. Right now it's about getting model representation for every unit in a new codex, and getting all the codices out quickly and close together so the rules balance. Then they will go back and update models like that.

      This justifies releases after all the codices are out to extend the life of 6th edition, while also making future supplements more interesting.

      And really, the deity-specific Legions are a pain to pull off. How do you make World Eaters playable in the shooty-heavy 6th, without absolutely breaking them in the process? That sort of thing is difficult to work out, and will take a ton of time to get right. The supplements are not a stand alone codex (nor will they ever be), but simply an alternative way to play an existing army already covered in the main rules. GW is trying to avoid making it impossible to play a style, theme, or specific unit without a supplement. They also don't want the supplements to completely define and dominate the meta.

    2. Sorry, I didn't word my original post too well.

      I meant I was surprised that GW didn't come out with the cult terminators along with the 6th edition dex (i.e., as units that are in the book, not supplemented), or at least a better representation than, "Take a terminator and give him this mark."

  8. But no Iron Warriors.
    I'll only be sad for a little while...


    1. I think the Iron Warriors are already very represented in the codex by Warpsmiths and all those new daemon engines.

    2. Yup. Actualy IW get lots of goodies in new dex. Almost all new stuff.

    3. If you think that you simply do not understand the Iron Warriors.

    4. I agree. Iron warriors are not just "guys with heavy weapons". These are some of the most hardened and well trained siege specialists in the 40k universe. They are known to break down any barrier or fortress, no matter how strong or well defended.

      These guys should easily have universal special rules like tank hunter and infiltrate.

      And that's just the beginning.

  9. The absence of evidence does not mean the absence of fact. Rumors are quirky things indeed.

  10. As the Tau Supplement rumors go, this combination makes the most sense.

    Farsight is the only known breakaway Tau faction, and as it is essentially Tau units with Tau equipment that is merely organized and used differently, no additional models were required. The release was smart.

    Kroot could almost make an allied detachment with the old Kroot Mercenaries data sheet, so little thought and effort is required to convert them into a supplement. Maybe pull a couple of Forgeworld models in, and possibly release that Kroot CC monster from earlier rumors, and you have it. Sorry for the shameless plug, but you can check my blog for details as the old Kroot Mercenary Army will be reviewed tomorrow morning.

    And lastly, the Expanded Tau Allies. This is great news! Demiurg Fliers and heavy ion weapons, Nicassar Psychers, Tarellian melee troops... These will be reviewed later this week.

    --Major wood, man.

    1. It makes the least sense. What makes more sense is a Kroot Merc Mini list in a book dedicated to Allied Lists...

    2. Meh. Think what you will. I prefer to stay positive. As for your comment below,

      "it doesn't fit the format of the Codex Supplements we have seen so far. They don't add new units. Just tweak existing ones."

      It's hard to say what the format is when we've only seen one book and one supplement. Your speculation about not releasing models with supplements is just as valid as the rumors about more Tau supplements, I accept both as valid predictions. Only time will decide what's rubbish.

      I believe they will release new minis if for no other reason than to circumvent Charterhouse from making them.

      And name-calling is always bad form, mate.

  11. Most of the supplement rumors i have seen appear to be wishlisting. The supplements we have seen so far have just been moving elites/fast attack/heavies around so supplements like White Scars and Red Corsairs, moving Bike squads to troops, or Night Lords and Ravenguard, moving Raptors and Assault Marines to troops, seem more in tune with what they are going for.

    As for the Monogod armies, it seems that with Marks, the ability to move their units to troops, as well as the "supplemental" daemons army book, seem to be where they are going to be. That is not to say i wouldn't also love to see some love for them, but they seem less likely at the moment to get more rules.

  12. Emperor's Children are getting a supplement? Does this mean we might see rules for...DOOMRIDER?

  13. Tau Merc book verified, by rumor?

    1. Well, that is the jist of this blog, right? "News and rumors," says so right in the title. I like it because it gives us all a place to wishlist and daydream, right?

      So yes, verified by rumor. He's seldom wrong on the big stuff, so my hopes are up. I'm still not betting any money on anything until I see it on GW's website.

      With respect, some of us just need to quit griping, sit back, and enjoy the show. It's not the Gospel according to St. Paul, it's a "news and rumors" site.

      Thanks Natfka! Must be a tough and oft thankless job.

    2. I've been following the blog since the start so I'm aware of it's purpose and appreciate the hours put in by natfka. But nothing should be considered verified until it appears on GW's website or pics from a leaked WD.

  14. With so much stuff coming out of GW nowadays and the rumor mill churning constantly, the inaccuracy of several rumor sources is becoming more and more apparent.

    I really want to believe Larry Vela's rumor about a giant kit for Space Marines, but this is the same guy who promised us the Apocalypse "Imperial/Chaos Titanish-thingy" that has yet to materialize. In fact, Vela's overall hits-to-misses ratio on DakkaDakka's rumor accuracy page is very poor. Stickmonkey's isn't too great, either.

    I wish hastings would pipe in again.

  15. So there are conflicting rumors between your good Source and stickmonkey. Now I'm a long time anti stickmonkey person. His rumors are bad at best. He has a three year track record of being wrong.

    As for the chaos rumors I hope they are true I really want expanded fluff and stuff of that nature on the legions. I'd like better rules for the cult legions but it is what it is.

  16. "Tau have two more books; one for kroot and one for "the rest" of the expanded empire."

    I call BS on this for 2 big reasons.

    1) it doesn't fit the format of the Codex Supplements we have seen so far. They don't add new units. Just tweak existing ones.

    2) Stick Monkey and anonymous source? Really?

    Can we please stop feeding the Stickmonkey Troll. He's obviously a compulsive liar...

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  18. The prospect of an Emperor's Children supplement has me drooling. The idea of a Doomrider model or a Miriael Sabathiel model would make me have a "shut up and take my money!" reaction. Termies with blastmasters? HELL YEAH!!!


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