A Tau codex supplement, Farsight Enclave is now available digitally, and even though the hardcover version is not going to be available until October, the rules have been all over the web now for the last 24 hours.

I have read over these several times now, and while very nice and flexible, I do not have an opinion of how useful they will be yet. There are several items and wargear that are very good, but also very expensive point cost wise. Also in there but not listed is that the Farsight Enclave can be used as a battlebrother ally to the Tau codex, and vise versa. This is cool, as it leads us down a road to a precedent for the future that we are looking forwards to. This allows for some very cool flexible list building options.

I have another Tau release rumor coming at tomorrows Faeit's Rumor Tarot. Something looks like its on the horizon......

via the Black Library Digital Collections
Hardback edition on sale October 2013

This eBook digital edition is compatible with most current generation mobile devices, tablets and eReaders including Android, Kindle and iBooks devices. 

These are brief a brief overview, and not all the rules included in the supplement.

via Kirby over on 3++ (More is over there including pics)
CAN NOT ethereals, aun'va or shadowsun
Crisis are troops
preferred enemy orks in combat
Everyone that can take Bonding Knife Rituals MUST take them 
Riptides can take signature systems from the farsight enclaves list

- +1 to seize rolls for your army. 
Roll a d6 at the start of every turn. 
1-3 nothing. 
4 is preferred enemy space marines. 
5 is preferred enemy space marines & imperial guard. 
6 is preferred enemy everyone. 

seismic fibrillator node
- one use only
Roll a d6. on a 2+, all open ground within 36″ is treated as difficult, all difficult is treated as dangerous. 
roll d6 at the end of each turn. 1-4 the node's effects stop. 5+ they stay in play. 

warscaper drone
- nominate a drone purchased by the character – this is the warscaper AND the original drone type.
All models in the same unit have move through cover, outflank and acute senses.
enemy unit that is both outside of it's deployment zone, and within 12″ of a warscaper treats difficult terrain as dangerous. 

fusion blades
commander with a twin-linked fusion blaster only. 
Replace one twin-linked fusion blasters: shooting (same as twin-linked fusion blaster), melee – str 8 ap1 attacks w/armourbane and blind. 
in the assault phase on a 1 the fusion blade profile can no longer be used

earth caste pilot array
The model re-rolls all rolls of 1 to hit in the shooting phase.
May also re-roll the dice when using a nova reactor. 
Weapon skill is also reduced to 1.

talisman of arthas moloch
5+ invulnerable save. 
friendly units within 12″ roll 4d6 for deny the witch rolls, taking the highest result


  1. Crisis suits as troops.. Oh boy.

  2. Fusion blades...wow. That's actually a better fighter than farsight himself.

    1. Not really, since Farsight's initiative is much better than anyone that can take the Fusion blades. He can hit before a lot of enemies, while blades might as well be unwieldy in most cases.

    2. Regular commanders are Init 4.

  3. I'm not a fan of Tau but this makes me want to start collecting.

  4. Crisis troops:
    That's one of two most epic, crazy, full of joy moments I had reading those rules.

    The second one is Riptide Commander (Independent Character), alltogether with Broadside Commander. That's just beautiful! Now I have rules for a HQ in every possible team:
    Fireblade for Fire Warriors
    Dark Strider for Pathfinders
    Shadowsun for Stealths
    Commander for Crisis'
    Farsight for Crisis Troops
    Shas'vre Ob'lotai for Broadsides
    O'Vesa for Riptides
    Longstrike for Hammerheads

    Now I can die for the Greater Good happily! :D
    O'Vesa for Riptides

    1. The big problem is how do you take them? There is huge confusion over the rules on how to field "The Eight"

    2. There isn't that much confusion. If you take Farsight you can either take a Bodyguard Team of up to 7 XV8s, or a Commander Team of up to 7 of the Eight.

    3. I think you're just slightly off Martin, it if you elect to take the Commander team, Farsight can't take his bodyguard and you can instead take up to any 7 of the 8 choices, that includes farsight, as HQs that don't take a Force Org slot. So you don't even need to take Farsight, you're just taking the Farsight enclave commander team.

    4. Its a big wtf.. Look here, he explains the confusion better.


    5. I misread it (for some reason I wasn't reading Farsight as one of the Eight). Either way the rule as written is pretty simple. If you take Farsight you get 2 choices:

      1. A bodyguard team of up to 7 crisis suits
      2. A command team of up to 7 of the other Eight

    6. yet there are 8 including farsight ... so technically it imply is your choice up from the 8 commanders still being able to combine them as nay way ... so no farsight restriction if taking the command team ... but it doesn't field a HQ slot

  5. I'm a big fan of the special rule where you can choose to replace Farsight's ability to take a bodyguard team with taking Farsight's Commander Team. This let's you take up to 7 out of 8 available commanders as an HQ choice that doesn't take up a Force Organization slot. They're Unique and Independent Characters. One downside to this is that (at least in the eBook version) the pages showing art for these commanders have different descriptions than the rules for them in the Appendix. i.e. Commander Bravestorm is described everywhere as having a Crisis suit with Onager gauntlet, except his wargear lists the same as the previous commander who has a Riptide. Obviously a copy/paste error, but hopefully they get this corrected in an update.

  6. CORRECTION: The supplement just said Aun'va and Shadowsun weren't allowed, nothing about regular Ethereals.

    1. LoL, technically it says, you cannot not take Aun'va and/or Shadowsun.

  7. So the Farsight supplement gives troop Crisis Suits and an army of HQs? Tau just got interesting!

  8. What about new War Lord traits?

    1. They're pretty meh. One gives your warlord and his unit Shred, one gives your warlord WS 5, one mimics the PEN (but you decide which one you get at the start of the game, you don't get to change it every turn), etc.

  9. I'm of the opinion that you just take any number of the eight. Qualifier is that you are playing an enclave list.

    “When choosing a Farsight Enclaves army, you have access to a special unit called Farsight’s Commander Team.”

    Excerpt From: Workshop, Games. “Farsight Enclaves – A Codex: Tau Empire Supplement.” v1.1. Games Workshop, 2013. iBooks.

  10. "Farsight Enclave can be used as a battlebrother ally to the Tau codex, and vise versa. This is cool, as it leads us down a road to a precedent for the future"

    Tyranids WILL get something similar to this in their codex or supplement.

    1. This finally addresses how a force built per a supplement interacts with one built from the main codex without having to resort to a dual force organization.

      I wonder how they'll handle a codex with multiple supplements. Could a primary force built from a Raven Guard supplement bring a secondary force built from a White Scars supplement?

  11. I have never been so happy that my dark eldar army is jam packed with poisoned weapons. Bring it on toughness monkeys!

    1. bring it on ... we have still 2+/3++(nova charge)

  12. Just thinking how an alliance of farsight enclave and iyanden supp would look. So. Many. Suits

  13. Am I the only one with a massively messed up appendix?

  14. so Iyanden eldar with Farsight allies? or vice versa?

  15. What is even more exciting is that fact that I can now take 6 Riptides - BAM that just happened.
    3 riptide with Farsight
    3 riptides when I ally with Tau.

    That's a whole lot of reactor power ups!

    1. How are you getting 3 riptides with Farsight? If he is an allied detachment, he can give 1 in the HQ slot, and one in the elites slot. Your main force Tau can give you only three, totaling 5 between the two forces.

      If Farsight is your main force, he can give you up to four (1 in HQ and three in elites), but then the allied Tau can only give you one in the elites slot.

      Five riptides is still huge, if you can afford the points.

      Do you see this a different way, if so, please share that little morsel.

  16. @Steven Taylor

    Not sure that would be kosher. A supplement allied with a supplement? The Farsight supplement allows Enclave armies to ally with Tau, but I don't they can ally with Eldar, or particularly with an Eldar supplement force.

    I'm probably wrong, and I'm probably gonna get trolled again, but I'm also curious about the potential here.

    Imagine an all battlesuit Farsight Detachment with an IC in each of the allowable FOC slots buffing some unit, allied with say, Dark Eldar...

    Holy schnikes Batgirl, Talk about your pain killers on speed...

    Of course, all those IC suits would bugger up your Farsight bomb.

    1. I would think that, for the purposes of alliances, an Iyanden force counts as a Codex: Eldar army and a Farsight cadre counts as a Codex: Tau Empire army. The big question before was how an army derived from a supplement interacted with one from the codex: can one act as the other's ally when both have the same base codex? Would you need a dual force organization to field both? At least the Farsight supplement clearly explains how his cadre interacts with other Tau.

    2. It says in the Iyanden Supplement that NO two supplements may be used together.

  17. Another Tau rumour? Please don't tease me, Natfka.

    Come on, Kroot. Come on, Kroot. Come on, Kroot.

  18. Well I just purchased this for my android...it won't download at all. Bad first impression for the digital product for me

  19. Farsight Enclaves confirmed for some time in October.

    Seriously, WTF GW? O_O

  20. Only the ipad and ipod touch versions are currently available. The ebook version won't be available till August.

    1. The eBook version is out already

    2. No, you can download the eBook version right now from the Black Library website:


  21. Could you take double FOC with 6 Riptides? That would be rediculous...


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