We all know that Empire is right on the horizon, probably being released next month. So the question is what army books are after Empire. These rumors are by various people that are not the main line rumor mongers, so a little extra salt may be applied, but its nice to hear from other sources that just might know something.

Please remember these are rumors and to take with a standard dose of salt. This collection of rumors was gathered by Kroothawk.

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I was informed recently that one of the three army books that are "pretty much done and ready to go" is the Bretonnia book.

I was told the third book is Dwarves. I have nothing on release dates or anything beyond which books they are.

I think that's pretty evident by the fact that they have three books that are "pretty much done and ready to go". They are definitely not going to release all three at once.

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I am pretty certain that the next book will be Empire, then WoC in autumn and then Dwarfs by christmas or early '13.
Heard no mention of Bretts, but I heard that plastics for DE, WE and Skaven have been in the works for a while.

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I have empire first dwarfs 2nd dark elves 3rd and WOC 4th and that's all I have for the year but harry is the expert.

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With the Daemons to be redone sometime next year (2013) for both 40K and Fantasy, we'll see the new Greater Daemon models then.


  1. I find it interesting that they've released four straight "bad guy" armybooks since 8th edition.

    1. Technically ogres and tomb kings are neutral. Only orcs and vampire counts are actually evil factions.

    2. Pretty sure both ogres and mummies would traditionally be viewed as "bad guys."

    3. Then who are the traditional good guys?

      They all have dark bits in their history.

    4. Human, Elves, and Dwarves(Dwarfs) are traditional "good" fantasy races.

  2. Ogres fight for the humans, and elves quite happily if paid to.


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