It looks like we have a date for the when the new paints are going to be released. It is a huge release of paints, and if you have missed it, I am posting a link at the bottom to some of the relevant information regarding colors. This set of rumors are of course, another set of Faeit 212 exclusives regarding the timeline of the paint releases. We are getting them soon.

Until we have the official announcement, please regard this as a rumor, and take a little salt with it.

Regarding Paints
1. Some GW staff was/is being schooled for the new colors, this week.

2. The whole palette will be revamped.
I was told there will be different categories of paint.

3. On the 24th this month they will reveal something that has to do with all systems.
I was told to come to the store on the 24th (this month) to see whats new
Its going to be something for ALL systems and they will have some things they want to show the customers.

link to the complete list of the new paints


  1. I'm really not a fan of renaming existing colors. I understand the logic behind it (its the same color but a different product), but it makes things a little more difficult.

    Also this: This is set of rumors are of course is another set of Faeit 212 exclusives regarding the timeline of the paint releases. :)

  2. they just rereleased the "new" glues baseing stuff

    just cheaper boxing

    guess the paint will be the same thing... same stuff cheaper made = more profit 4 GW

    1. the paint is said to be of a much higher quality than what we currently have. Also rumored to be priced the same, but we shall see on that one.

  3. The paints will be available for pre-ordering on the 24th, the actual release is on the 31st or, more likely, the 7th of April.

  4. Something to do with all systems? I really hope it's more than some new paints...

  5. Just been to two local GW stores to 'try' and get the paints I wanted. Both stores had run out of many of the paints and were running low on most of the others.

    Could have been down to poorly ordering the products, but surely not with so many paints and in two different stores.

  6. I too have heard something cool is on advance order on the 24th.

  7. just been down to my local GW to ask about the new paint rumours.
    It turns out the renaming of the paints is for copyright, as some company in China was producing the GW colours and selling them online. by renaming them GW can now copyright their colours.
    although its a pain in the ass, i can see why they are doing it.

  8. Don't buy into that, if it was simply renaming rights they wouldn't be releasing a £333.00 set with a new painting book a few months after the masterclass book.


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