This week has been a slow one on my end. I was able to start working on hills for my terrain table, and do some testing on how my play mat will handle paint. I was also able to get a game in this week, but had to go back to my Grey Knights, as I did not have the models ready for my Dark Eldar.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Quite a few people I have been talking to are very hesitant to say the least of flyers if they are incorporated into the upcoming 6th edition. My experience with flyers is very limited, being that I used them back when we had the vehicle design rules with my dark eldar. I loved them then, as they were just something that was pretty cool to use.

The idea of having them in the standard games sounds wonderful to me. It gives even more tactical options, both in using them against an opponent and defending against them. One of the reasons I like larger games compared to small ones, is the use of more tactical options on the table top. List building is just fun, when you have more viable options.

Abusive? Cant say at this point. Its really to early to chime in on the rules for flyers. I am going to assume that when they first come out everyone and their brother will go one of two ways.... OMG or those suck. I am going to also give Games Workshop the benefit of the doubt, that they have it balanced and worked into the mechanics of the game. After all with forgeworld and Vehicle Design Rules, they have had a long time to figure out the implications of adding flyers to the game.

Chaos Legions
This is something I cannot stop thinking about. Chaos Legions had better hold its own, as their is so much hype and longing for this codex. The possibilities of Dreadclaws, non-random Chaos Dreadnoughts, and more chapter specific rules, means its time to start a new army.

The big question is..... If Chaos Legions comes out before the 6th edition release, will we wait until the new edition is released, or do we start immediately? For me, it means I will be probably be waiting. I want to know what the rules are going to be, and I am not one for jumping that quickly into it.

I will be starting a Chaos Legions army. Which one? I have an affinity towards the Night Lords, but I am not locked in. I am up for almost any of them that catch my fancy once we get the codex.

Something to think about..... Perhaps I should get my butt moving to get my Dark Eldar done, so I can focus on building a Chaos Legion next.

I started making hills yesterday for my gaming table. I'm tired of seeing my table as a flat piece of terrain with some rocks and trees on it. I used a mat from Woodland Scenics for my table top and had left over material. I took the extras and started making hills using their tutorial as a starting point.

The idea of course is to have some basic hills that smaller terrain pieces can be sat onto for flexibility, or even stacked for larger hills. I have 5 pieces done, and plan on doing some more static pieces later in the week. I included a picture, and will be adding to the terrain tutorial later this week.


  1. i susspect that there will be 2 or so powerlists and those "legions" will be played an the others won´t even been seen
    so the question is do we realy need legions if in the end players only play the "best" ones?

    1. Good or bad, my pure DG army will always come first and I expect many others stand by their favourite traitors also so yes we do! :P

      Besides I want my poison pus flamers and for Typhus to finally be able to stand his ground against ID. This would make my day! :D

  2. Great looking terrain there Faeit, simple yet effective.
    I can't wait for the new Legions book to come out, especially if the rumors that my Alpha Legion just get to Infiltrate/Outflank are true. If they do come out before 6th though, it'd definitely be a good idea to wait and see what the rules do, although picking up one of the new kits is never a bad idea :)

    Smells Like Wargaming

    1. if chaos does come before 6th the book would be designed to fit in rules for 6th, so there would be released very close to each other, but saying that orks where around january time back in 08 and 6th cam out around july

  3. I am going to wait and see what is in the starter set for 6th edition, as much as I want to I don't have the budget to buy the hard back book, so it's the paper back one for me.

    also depending on the army and point total, I may end up just buying two sets, that would give around 1k points for both army and if space marines are in there, then ya that's 3.5k points in total for space marines for me :)

  4. If the rumor about fliers is to be true, what will become of the existing aircrafts like the Stormraven, Valkyrie and so on? Will they stay ruleswise the same or will they swap to fliers? And what may that change for gameplay and tactics?
    Will be interesting to see.
    Also as far as I know the Hydra is the only "unit" at the moment addressed to deal with fliers atm (besides ForgeWorld units). So Anti-Air may become a major issue (of lamantation?!).

    1. Isn't there something about pintle-mounted weapons and flyers in the Chaos Codex?

  5. As long as you can't spam flyers in regular games then it should be cool.

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  8. i for sure can't wait because it should be quite beneficial for my night lord army :) At least that's the hope


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