Some early news on this years Games Days. To be honest, my opinion is pretty much none on this, because these are events I do not get the luxury of attending. So I will be very interested in other peoples opinions on the subject.

Remember that until we get something official, even news like this, which is likely accurate, is considered to be a rumor. Please add a pinch of salt.

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So I have some news on GW's Games Day 2012.
Some good, but some I feel will upset many of you (and no doubt start furious debate!)

So here goes;
The general release date for tickets this year is 26th May, WD Subscribers will be able to get theirs 7 weeks early.

6500 tickets available, plus 1000 parents tickets.

Tickets will cost £30, £6 for a parent ticket.

The above cost DOES NOT include a Games Day Minature (The Blood Angels 2nd Ed Captain model) which will be available to BUY at the event. I believe this is the first time that you won't get a model included in the ticket price, and that you have to buy separately. This won't be a popular decision. Don't know if you will be limited to 1 per person or not, and have no info on the price of the model as yet.

There will NOT be ANY White Dwarf Seminars at this years Games Day. The Designers, Sculptors, Eavy Metal painters etc will all be in the main studio area and will focus on demonstrating and talking about their roles here instead.

GW are hiring an extra hall creating 4-6 times the amount of space than in previous years. They will be utilising this extra space to accommodate a bigger Sales area to attempt to solve the issues of previous years with queues and time. There will be more payment desks, along with lots of Cash Only tills and more staff manning the section.

Apparently GW decide the ticket price and offer on a event by event basis. So with the increase in size of the event and other factors have taken the decision to keep the ticket price the same as last year but not offering the GD model as part of this.

So that's all I have for now, and I'm sure you guys will have plenty to say on this information. As I said though, some good news and some bad.

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