Don't listen or stare off into the warp, there are things in there we were not meant to see or hear.

A small rumor regarding Chaos Daemons that says that new furies may be in the works. I really hope we are going to see a new Chaos Daemon codex sometime early next year. They are an army that just feels incomplete (in my eyes).

These are rumors, please take with the standard salt requirement.

via Stickmonkey
Hearing bits that aside from Plague Bearers, there may be new furies in the works. As well as seeing karanak and hounds of khorne moved to finecast soon.


  1. How about a codex that makes Chaos Daemons NOT a joke?

    1. Personally, I'm for have just one codex for "Chaos". In forth edition, you could have an army that had Chaos Space Marines and Demons and Cultists. More options = better list.

      Oh but... you know GW wont go to just one Chaos codex right? They want you to buy three $50 codexes and three different armies.

  2. i´m guessing all finecast, all old, no dex

  3. I disagree, many o my friends love their current daemons. They don't seem incomplete though a lack of a few HQ models hut I've learned that proxying is fairly easy for daemons.

  4. Great. Now everyone can use whatever models for proxies as Grey Knights/Space Marines/Blood Angels/whatever broken Matt Ward MEQ codex was just released. That'll convince Games Workshop to pay more attention to other armies that are getting hosed in canon and on the table top, right? Especially when GW does huge promotions for space marine armies and releases 4 different SM armies in one edition, right? We can just proxy for them and we won't need canon or variability or something different and exciting!


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