This week I have been working on my dark eldar again. The whole range of models on my end needs a lot of work, so I am going to make a push to get them done. Also at the same time I am going to be working on getting some terrain made. I have received an offer of help, so I will be taking him up on it, and setting a day to get some more terrain made.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

The Game Table
Yea, I know the pic above is blurry, but hey, that is what I have. It just shows how the terrain that I have been working sets up the table. Last night I really enjoyed playing on this terrain. The game looked good, as we had spent the first part of the night laying out the new mat. Next I will be adding hills and doing some painting work on the mat, so that it is not so uniform in color. Darkening it up is the plan, with some browns, greens, greys, and a little black. I want to be versitle on switching out from a forested battlefield, to a field of ruins and rubble.

The terrain was a ton of fun, and interacted nicely with the game. I will be adding to the terrain tutorials as I move forward with my terrain.

Dark Eldar
My second project. I enjoyed the heck out of them again, running the list I posted here.....

The list performed nicely, of course with the beastmaster unit failing horribly again. However Vect was rampaging throughout the night, even after losing his shadowshield. He ate through 30 chaos marines last night.

I am going to start up my conversions again, as I just want this army playable again with all the models intact. Here is a pic of where my raiders are at. Next is finishing them, and getting my butt working on the Ravagers. As of yet, no players have been injured or hurt messing with my raiders.

New Citadel Paints
Really the biggest news this week is all about paint. I expect to hear something this week on the official release of paints, but you never know. If this release is what the rumors say, it will be exciting, and I look forward to it. I mean really, if they pull off this release, with the addition of the tyranid and space wolf release, I think GW has put their good foot forward so far this year.

My only concerns of course are for my current armies, and having to do some matching of paints to make things work out.

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