So, the general line of thought is that April will be a big Empire army book release, and that May just might be our second wave of Necrons that many of us have been waiting for. This rumor goes against that grain, saying that the necrons will come next out next month.

So disclaimor on the source, it was a local GW manager that is the source, and we know the reputation GW managers have for information. While I think its possible they will come out in April, I think more likely we will hear about them from GW at the end of April when we get May's White Dwarf for an early first weekend of May Necron release.

I do think it would be cool though to see the second wave of Necrons released in April, or earlier, since it would open up May to a possible 40k codex release.

Here is the rumor, please take with a lot of salt please.

via Phaeron Setek

Over the weekend, I got the heads up from a manager at a local GW that Stalkers, Scythes, Blades, Spyders, and Wraiths are out in April...

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