Today is apparently all about the new upcoming Citadel Paint line. Which is said to be a very high quality paint. The big question comes to us....... Are they the same colors?

Like most people I have been painting my army for years........  Perhaps I shouldn't admit to that level of procrastination, but I think most people are in this boat. From what the rumors say, we should not have to stock up on enough paint to get our armies done, but you never know. This rumor talks about the colors and hopefully answers some questions.

Please remember that there has been no official announcement, so treat this like a rumor and take with a little salt.

via BramGaunt
The whole range is discontinued. All of them. None of the old paints will be available come 7th of April. These are not only renamed foundations and washes and paints. These are completely new paints. New recipe, if you wish. Shades will be very similar, but there might be small differences. If you feel like stocking up on your favorites, feel free to do so, but it shouldn't be necessary.

via Harry
These are new paints.
They can't give them the same names .... they are not the same paints.
They are different colours and different consistencies.

Folks would be going in buying a pot of .... say ... bleached bone and coming back the next day saying 'what the *$@% is this you sold me? It is nothing like bleached bone'.

This happened at the last paint change. Bestial brown was never the same again.

They are clearly trying to make a distinction between the old paints and the new.

It is a simple way of making it clear that these are not the same paints.

Slightly different colours is not going to be the biggest issue but the changes to consistency.
... and I was only just getting to grips with painting with the current stuff.

Bram is right when he said shades will be similar .... some are bang on but some are not.
I am not saying the new paint won't be great (in fact I am sure they will be) but if you are half way through a project I think you would be wise to pick up a couple of pots of paint as there is no guarantee that any individual paint will have a perfect match in the new range.

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