Your kidding right? Remember the Summer of Flyers? We have a very credible rumor source on this one. We are talking about a storm hawk release and a supplement.

If we end up with flyers in 6th edition, then something like this could very much make sense. After all, Games Workshop would need to release flyers for several of the codices, or at least have the rules for them. We have also heard that space marines have some mystery flyer coming, and this could be it.

I found the above image for a storm bird was back in the early days. I would imagine the transport capacity of the Storm Hawk would not be so high.

Remember that this is a rumor, and to give it the salt it deserves.

via Harry
At the risk of getting the cr@p kicked out of me ..... (after the whole "summer of fliers" thing)

I have heard scraps that suggest there may well be something going on with 'fliers'.
I have heard some snippets about :
a) A kit for a SM flier called a "Storm Hawk"
b) An Ork fighter kit (might have been a fighter/bomber?) and
c) A 'fliers' supplement. ( the first supplement to 6th Edition).

Now you have to remember I don't know so much about 40K OR follow 40K rumorz.
So .... I don't know:
a) If you have heard this already?
b) What I am talking about!

When I hear 40K stuff it really doesn't mean that much to me?
So I tried the google 'Storm Hawk' and found this:

(No idea of the original source ... I am sure someone here will know if it was in a GW publication originally)
"The Storm Hawk is a smaller, more agile transport from the same design lineage as the Storm Bird. Used extensively for small operations, as the Heresy progressed much of the STC data to build the Storm Hawk was lost although the Mechanicum have kept copies so that if it were to fall completely out of service a variant could be reintroduced at a later date."

I have based this on the smallest scraps of information, from different places.
It is possible I have been mislead or I have put two and two together and come up with complete bobbins.

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