A few things in this rumor set caught my attention, a Land Raider Daemonicus, another mention of Dread Claws, and some talk about two different types of terminators, probably being Cult and standard Chaos Terminators. I also like that the rumors seem to be focusing on the 9 traitor legions, as this is something I am deeply interested myself.

As we get closer and closer to the next codex, or even the release of 6th edition, I am hoping we are going to start hearing a few more specifics. While Empire is the next big release, I am looking forward to getting past it, so we can see some more focus on warhammer 40k.

Please remember that these are rumors and to take with a bit of salt. Some of this set is a little different this time, as I did not edit out some of the speculation theDarkGeneral was putting down.

via theDarkGeneral
Daemons definitely aren't a focus, but daemonic possession is...might even be an HQ upgrade...

With 6th Edition changing the way deepstrike and reserves work, it'll be worth waiting on another Daemons codex.

I doubt Chosen will get access to Terminator Armor, with the return of Cult Terminators, and to keep different from regular Astartes. But I could be wrong on this.

Daemon Prince options are more similar to the Daemon Codex, even jokingly mentioning would it be cool if a daemon prince could carry a gun?
I believe there are two different types of Terminators.
As for the leaked 6th edition rules, they're a fabrication, most of it is false. There are a few things correct.
Huron Blackheart and the Red Corsairs...
Well from what I've gathered from everything i'm being told (and again i'm sure some of it is incorrect) there's not a lot of focus or attention on newer Chaos Space Marine chapters. The focus is mostly on the original 9 Traitor Legions and some of their direct splits.

This doesn't mean that some of these Characters like Huron won't appear, I really don't know. It does seem however that GW main is letting Forge World handle more of the 'successor' chapters and Traitor Guard options.

I can see GQ main eventually making another Lost and the Damned style codex, but perhaps not for at least another year. They still have Daemons (both 40K & Fantasy) and Warriors of Chaos scheduled tentatively for sometime next year, might be a lot of extra Chaos going around that could flood the market and not sell as well. I'd like to think they would, but GW main often makes decisions that I say "huh???" to.

Personally I'm still focused on the fact that Chosen FINALLY get some models, and lotz o' cool upgrade options! With the mention to me of Bikers a few times, i could easily fathom Chosen having the following upgrades: Jump Packs, Bikes, Dread Claw/Rhino/Land Raider Daemonicus, etc.

I have also been pondering a lot about the Possessed and their possible upgrade traits. Rending and Fleet would of course be sensible and nostalgic, but Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, Wings, Power Weapons, Preferred Enemy and Stealth come to mind. If it is only 2 upgrades max, and those are our options what would players lean towards? Maybe a 16 man squad of Possessed w/Wings and Rending? Or perhaps Preferred Enemy w/Furious Charge?

I do believe we get a form of Preferred Enemy, but i'm not sure exactly which units...i assume it'd be Cult units like Thousand Sons, Berzerkers, Plague Marines, Noise Marines, Raptors and Cult Terminators???


  1. I'm with you, I can't wait for the new book!

  2. I wish thedarkgeneral wouldn't wishlist in the same lines that he states rumors in, it's really confusing to figure out what is his wishlisting and what he thinks will actually happen.

    1. Yea, I think he is just overly excited. Cant really blame him. Normally I try to edit through commentary, and I probably should of here as well.

    2. Don't. A rule of citing a source is not to edit it. If you do use [...] for omissis (in non italic text) so we can get an idea. People are strange and what could help you maybe would damage the comprehension of someone else.
      That said nice rumors, I look forward to this codex.

    3. normally the commentary or wishlisting is at the very beginning or end of the rumors they are putting forth. This particular set was more integrated into the bulk of the text, which is why I did not edit it out.

  3. they should make CSM termis with big huge clubs and others with lightningclaws in one box... simulare to normal SM :)

  4. I'm highly skeptical of all these rumors - what exactly has this guy had rumors for that actually came out? Where's his cred?

  5. I want some chosen models in a Dreadclaw - Deepstriking melta spam anyone?
    Also, I want some new terminator models. Has anyone noticed that, although they are the same price, Space Wolf Terminators have almost twice as many options on the sprue as ours?
    On a different note, my Daemon Prince had better still have Warptime, or I will be angry...

  6. Any more details on the land raider?

    1. We have heard that Chaos Legions will get a new land raider, but this is the first time we have heard a name or any other info about it.

  7. If we see Khorne CSM riding Juggernaut ill be excited. If we see emperors children with more rules towards combat drugs then ill be more excited. I could see feel No pain being something all chaos gets fluff wise and then specifics to each one. Though I'm only hoping...

  8. I for one am very excited about this. I play night lords and so excited for whats to come. Natfka and i talk about this all the time. Actually I'm going over to his place to do a rematch against his Dark Eldar.

  9. As a long-time heretic I am very excited about the new codex, but I somewhat doubt this batch of rumors' legitimacy, as some of it runs counter to what we have heard before. Color me sceptical, for now at least.


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