Empire is official now, and the release date is April 7th alongside its first wave of models. This is the updated set of curent rumors and has listed what we know as fact.

Please remember that there are still rumors in this, so take those with a grain of salt.

via Harry

Rumours about the Book:
Mr Cruddace has written the book (hastings)

IT'S OFFICIAL : The book IS with the first wave of models in April.(Harry) (33EUR)
In the book there are three options for the War Alter. (hastings)
One is a character mount but there are two additional options as rare choices. (hastings)
(Not Quite ... war alter and two magickthinyamigigs) (Harry)

Rumours about the army:
Nothing solid on army wide changes

Rumours about models:
Empire will get 4 plastic kits and 2 plastic 'single pose' characters. (6 Plastic in total) (Harry)
Also at least one new sculpt in finecast as well as some old models being redone in finecast.
Finecast - Lots of goodies including order specific mages and warrior priests.(Birdy via Darnock)
This will see The Empire become the first fantasy army that can be all plastic.
On release all units and options will be available from the release date. (Birdy via Darnock)
Not sure how to interpret this .... every option in the book will be covered OR no second wave?

6 Plastic kits:
Karl Franz on Death Claw 1 fig. plastic 43 EUR
Empire Celestial Hurricanium/Luminark of Hish 1 fig. plastic 39 EUR (2 Rare slot magic platforms)
Empire Demigryph Knights 3 fig. plastic 43 EUR
Captain plastic 1 fig. 10,5 EU
Engineer plastic 10,5 EUR
Volkar on war altar plastic 1 fig 39 EUR

Witch hunter 1 fig resin 13 EUR
Markus Wolfhart 1 fig resin 13 EUR
Empire amber wizard 1 fig resin splash release 13 EUR
Warrior priest 1 fig resin 13 eur

Rumours of Characters/Lords/Heroes
I heard something about a mounted Wizard..... as a mount option for the Griffon? (Amber wizard)
The Gryphon can be built as a two headed Griffon :WTF:
Also something about a new Jade? wizard ... this guy will be in finecast.
Single Hero Sprues of Mage? and Empire Captain (Birdy via Darnock)
I heard something about an engineer. I heard it was plastic and a very nice sculpt. (Harry)
I heard something about a plastic Captain ... also very nice. (Harry)
Marius Leitdorf will be re-released in Finecast.
Finecast - Order specific mages and warrior priests. (Birdy via Darnock)

Rumours of Karl Franz OR Lord/Hero on Griffon.
There are rumours of a plastic Lord/Hero on a Griffon that could 'pass' as Karl Franz. (Harry)
There is a rumour that it IS Karl Franz. (which is an interesting development as this is the first time we have seen a special, named character as a plastic kit). (Harry and Hastings)
“The new plastic Empire hero on griffon is also supposed to be very nice” (hastings)

Griffin, which to be honest is a bit of a let down. It's big, Manticore sized, and looks almost like an update of the Deathclaw mini only a bit more static, oddly it was painted a deep ruddy brown. (Darnock via birdy)

As you see opinions vary ... I heard it was BIG and the paint job and the camera angle have not done it any favours. So I shall wait until I have it in my hands before passing judgement.

More importantly I heard it has the option of KF a generic lord/hero or an Amber wizard.

Rumours of a plastic War Altar (and something new?)
There are rumours of a dual plastic kit which makes a War Altar and something else. (Harry, hastings, malladin.ben)
It is rumoured that the War Altar can be customised to make Sigmar, Ulric or Morr. (ghost21)
There is a rumour that it makes a War Altar and a “College of Magic wizardlordmobile”. (NatTreehouse, Harry)
A war altar combo kit with a wizardy casting platform thing which had lots of globes almost like a celestial model. (Darnock via birdy)

New from BoW: We’re hearing that an Glass Lens Weapon (Ala Archimedes) is on the cards as well. – If so will this include some kind of clear perspex component like in the Necron kits

I assume this is part of the wizard platform.
Have heard a conflicting rumour that whilst working from the same chassis these may be two seperate kits.
Nice little rumour from Kyte that the War Alter may be pushed into combat by Flagellants rather than pulled by horses.
I have heard the iconic statue of the griffon remains. (This pours water on the customise for different religions rumour. I feel like I would have heard 'you can have a Griffon like the last one or a big wolf' ... Didn't hear that. )

Rumours of new Warrior priests:
There were lots of rumours of new warrior priests early on.
I think that any new priests will be done for the plastic War Altar.
(Rather than an additional kit or individual sculpts)
But I get the impression there is more than one priest with the kit .... extras left over for a Preist on foot.

Rumours of Demi-Griffon knights.
There are rumours of Demi-Griffon knights. (Eldargal and others Me but not allowed to say anything earlier. )
Don't expect the same as the Forge World one ... expect something a bit different. (harry)
Three to a box (Birdy via Darnock)

Rumours of knights:
So many conflicting rumours about Knights I don't know what to make of it.
I have heard nearly nothing about new Knights .... so I assume that is what is happening. (Nearly nothing. )
My guess is sprues have been seen/heard about for demi-griff knights...and conclusions have been leapt to.

Rumours of new Knights:
No new knights kit. (hastings)

Rumours that Reiksguard knights are in the book. (hastings)

Rumours of a Nuln Siege Cannon:
There were rumours of a BIG cannon ....
I have heard nothing about this .... so I assume this isn't happening.

No Halflings in the book.
NO War Wagon in the book.


  1. Pictures of the new releases can be seen on this german site.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Uggh. Empire is such a boring army, and fantasy isn't fun anymore. I really just want the necrons second wave sometime soon.

  4. the army book is defo coming out here is a link with all the empire pics from the white dwarf :) http://www.beastsofwar.com/warhammer-fantasy/warhammer-empire-white-dwarf/

  5. if it is karl franz in plastic, maybe vect on dias in plastic would seem more reasonable, just speculation for this supposed wave of DE and Necron SC.

  6. Wait, there's supposed to be another DE wave coming out??

    1. Not more Dark Eldar...
      Every time I think they can't get any more stuff, up pops a rumour saying "new dark Eldar wave!".
      GW should update other armies (Tau, Eldar) before giving them any more toys to play with.

    2. They should probably finish putting out the models from books they've already released before they start releasing new armies. It's silly to put something in a codex then never release a model for it.

  7. I know is not the topic but I was searching for chaos space marines in GM page, and all their articles are gone, i dont know if someone notice this before

    1. If you look around you'll notice the articles of pretty much every army are gone. They took most of their articles down a while back.

  8. So 2 Rulebooks for fantasy already this year and no 40k codex?and it's the 25th anniversary.... Not even Sherlock Holmes could solve this mystery.

    1. New edition this year. Last time Fantasy got a new edition they only got one Army Book that year. I would expect something similar for 40k.

  9. The griffin model is sick. I think GW wasn't trying so hard to make it dynamic just to be dynamic looking for a change. That's one beefy bird.

    1. I agree plus it looks like theres a 2 headed version for wizards ASWELL as Franz with both weapon choices.


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