Some things I get a little slower, especially when my email account (hotmail) locks up and doesnt allow me into my inbox. Well, now that I can get in there, it looks like I missed a rumor this week. From the Beasts of War we have it that the next White Dwarf has a couple Empire models on it. Here is the rumor.

Please remember that this is a rumor, and to take with the standard amount of salt. Thanks to a reader for pointing me in the direction of this one. Please remember that if you want your name attached to anything you send me, please give me permission to use it.

via beerogre at Beasts of War
all you WHFB Empire players will be stoked to know that the next army update will belong to you!
The next White Dwarf has a new Karl Franz model and a Empire Wizard mounted on a two-headed griffon.
There’s a War Altar and new knightly orders too


  1. No pictures??? Outrage

  2. Usually get photos week before release.

  3. what happened to the year of 40K? seriously if this is the year of 40K then what will next year be like (shudders)

    1. I suspect they won't release an entire new edition of the game next year. Just a guess.

    2. Agreed with Anon. 1. Considering that this was not only meant to be the year of 40k, but it was also the 25th anniversary, I wish they would stop with the fantasy and LoTR stuff, and just redo some more 40k codices! At this rate, we're only going to get two and a new edition..,

    3. If you really think they should just stop producing two-thirds of their game lines just because you like the other one-third better, then you are both selfish and an idiot. Btw, that would be twice as many armies as Fantasy got the year 8th edition came out.

  4. your welcome :) good to see it was worth sending you that e-mail, and I try and remember to say you have my permission next time XD


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