We have just had a nice release of Tyranids and Space Wolves. So what release is rumored to be next? Necrons with their second wave of course. Rumors for the next week will probably be a little light, and should start picking up again next week, and getting stronger as we approach the next White Dwarf release. I expect necrons will be big in it.

Here are some reminders of what people were saying about what is coming for necrons. Many rumor sources placed Necrons either in February, or early March. Well they didn't make it that early, so a pre-order in late march for a first week of April release seems ok.

These are rumors, please take with salt. Some of the time lines for these rumors has already passed, but I believe they were just too early, as they were with the tyranids models. These rumors are from January

via 75hastings69
early next year youll be getting a second wave of necrons - entries in the codex not covered by the first release, 4 vehicles, a walker and 2 aircraft, also new tomb spiders IIRC.

Can't recall of the top of my head about the vehicles, the walker Artwork shows a large spider with a necRon driver and scorpion tail over the head blaster type thing.

Another confirmation by him (on Wraiths and Tomb Spyders):

I've already posted on the necron rumour thread that these items will be part of the second wave on necron models released early next year. The jetbike type necrons are also amongst the new kits.

via Captain Ventris
Recieved information/rumors today. As stated by Dr.Pie himself the wave 2 is planned. Was told it will arrive late feb./early march and will be the following kits:
- Doom/Night scythe (plastic kit) 1 model
- Canoptic Wraiths/Spyders (Plastic kit) 3 models
- Iluminor Szeras (Finecast) 1 model
- Anrakyr the Traveler (Finecast) 1 model

Tomb blades and Triarch Stalker are missing from that list, but Hastings said a whle ago that they will come with the same wave.

via Harry
Feb is hinted as a 2nd wave for nids.... and Necrons

via Stickmonkey
Nids to get valentine love, crons to get leap year love.

via Darnok
A little birdy told me: Necrons may be pushed back another month, even though that might be 50/50.

Don't kill me, I'm just the messenger. And I don't buy it - but wanted to let you know anyway.


  1. Can't wait for the Necron 2nd wave. I hope it is everything not released in the first wave.

    Once the excitement of the Tervigon/Tyrannofex and Hive Tyrant had passed, I was disappointed there was no Harpie, Spore, Parasite or Doom. Having waited for so long, I expected a more complete release.

    I can live without the characters, as long as ALL the Necron units and vehicles are released. Same as with the Nids.

    1. Meant I'd be happy with ALL the Nid beasties and no characters.

      Been a long day.

    2. I agree.. It was a mediocre tyranid release. 2 things really were awesome. Tervigon/Tfex kit, and the tyrants becoming plastic.

      Everything else after that could have waited.

      I would have rather had more models of things that do not already exist.

  2. I hope the Tomb blades are included in the next release as they sound awesome. Might also swing me round to starting a Necron army instead of a Dark Eldar one as I had planned.

    1. I just finshed my DE. Avoid the finecast models like the plauge - really bad miscasts in that range. Just started my 'crons and the finecast seems to be much improved.

    2. Are you kidding?! Try getting a box of flayed ones... The miscast are scarier than the actual models. Btw I have 3 boxes 1 I bought and two were sent after I complained about them TWICE.

    3. That really sucks. I have box of flayed ones though I think the sculpts are lame compared to the old ones and they are great. I also got the 25th anniversary marine and honest to god its damn near flawless literally only two small mold lines!!! Seriously you could have knocked me over with a feather.

    4. It's a miracle! But I have 1 but not opening it ever. They better had not made any errors since this model is now forever gone and ain't coming back.

  3. I reckon we'll see another release like this one, or as I call them "versus release" We've had Nids vs Wolves so next could well be Crons vs Guard!

  4. I hope they are in April. my opinion is the wraiths scythes and maybe stalker or blades and deffinately more characters. I also want a new heavy destroyer/ destroyer lord kit with plenty of wargear options.

  5. I have a fear that the necrons will not get their new models before a year or so. The most plausible thing is that the necrons will get their Doom/Nightskythe about 4 months after the ForgeWorld releases their version. Necrons are like tyranids, they will get some new models once very 2 years and Gw emplyees are such douchbags really. So what would you recomend for a stalker conversin I ask in copenhagen, and they just "I Would wait for the new model to arrive" like they are saying, like I care, just buy the damn things we have on sale now. Freakin douchebag GW emplyees.


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