A new fast single seat Chaos flyer used in the Sabbat crusade is said to likely be the new flyer for Chaos Legions. Below is a continuation of the current Autumn of Flyers rumor from Harry. Although a few other sources are chiming in, noticably stickmonkey is keeping quiet. (he was the biggest source of the summer of flyers that didnt happen).

Personally I had figured the Hellblade would make it, (that is in the picture above), but what do I know?

These are rumors, so please take with a little extra salt on this one. It seems viable and credible with the sources, but as we can see, the timeline seems a little bit in question.

Well there will be something involving flyers for 6th Edition, and it will be a big deal apparently, but I don't think it will be this year (of course I could be wrong), possibly next Summer?

via StraightSilver
There apparently will be a new Marine Flyer, similar size but different load out to the Storm Raven.

Chaos should get a Locust equivalent, and if Tau do come out next year they should also get something.

I hadn't heard about an Ork flyer, but I really wouldn't be surprised, although if that was coming this year I am assuming it would have White Dwarf rules?

The Locust is a small, fast single seater Chaos Flyer which features heavily in the Sabbat World's Crusade, think of it like the Chaos equivalent of an Imperial Lightning.

The info about Tau I have is very old, so the flyer I thought they were getting is now very unlikely, but I would imagine it will be smething similar.

I do believe this has been in the pipeline for a while though, it can't be a coincidence that all of the recent Codices (except Space Wolves) have had a flyer of some sort in them.

IG: Valkyrie / Vendetta
Tyranids: Harpy
Dark Eldar; Razorwing / Void Raven
GK: Storm Raven
BA: Storm Raven
Necrons: Night Scythe

And there has to be a reason the Hydra has been held back, as it is one of the best things in the IG Codex (admittedly that doesn't mean much I know) and shoud be a simple kit to produce.

I also had it from a good source (not one of my usual sources, and not as directly involved, but a good source none the less) that there is a big change coming to the hobby regarding flyers.

I don't honestly know if that means rules in the core rule book, or a supplement, but they will apparently be getting a lot of attention.

For everyone hoping for a Thunderbolt, Barracuda, Remora etc though I think that's very doubtful as Forge World produce them and the guys I've spoken to at GW are quite adamant that it isn't in their interests to tread on their toes

via Harry
Stormbird is a super heavy transport.
Storm Hawk is a gunship ... a fast skimmer.
Its the difference between a CH 47 Chinook and Huey..

I know about lots of stuff that is done but have no idea of the order. Thats the tricky bit.
So Stickmonkey can be forgiven for getting ahead of himself.
I did contact him when he first started to urge caution about assuming things he had seen were happening....

... and again when the 'summer of flyers, didn't happen to reassure him that he was, essentially, correct but had just shot his bolt a bit early.

it is entirely possible I am doing exactly the same thing!


  1. Chaos Locust is kind of fighter,isn't it?It`s strange...

  2. I'm pretty sure the Locust is bogus. I remember that's the name Dave Taylor used for one of his scratchbuilds, but I've never seen it in official material.

    1. Try the Dan Abnett novel Double Eagle, The Sabbat Worlds Crusade sourcebook, and dotted throughout the later Gaunt's Ghosts series.

      Dave Taylor happens to be an avid fan of Mr. Abnett's works (rightly so) and wants to incorporate some of the wonderfully fleshed out background of the Sabbat Worlds battles into his 40K experience.

      GW has incorporated a smidgeon of the Blood Pact storyline into official cannon. It wouldn't be stunning if they wanted to integrate elements of the best portrayal of air combat in the 40k universe (Double Eagle. Seriously, read it if you haven't!).

      Especially seeing as how there is a move in 6th edition to elevate air combat as another layer of strategy in standard 40K games.

  3. Tyranids: Harpy

    Rules for this currently as is... sucks regardless if it is a flier or standard rules in the dex.

    The Harpy is a Terrible MC without getting a rules overhaul.

    1. In fact it would be even worse as a flyer. At least now it can potentially get cover.

  4. Yeah,but it would be more "logical" something like a gunship/carrier or similar?Dark Eldar,for example, have fighters and bombers because they already have fast transports,and other armies have gunships/carriers to compensate for the lack of them...,no?

  5. It makes perfect sense now if we look back at all the rumors you gave us before about a NEW vehicle that the Dumerg or whatever they're called, are supposed to be rumored to give the Tau. Or whether it's a vehicle similar to one the Kroot use to fly across the galaxy on their mercenary trips. This is awesome.

    Thanks for all the rumors Naftka!

    1. It is a strange thing when you look back at the long listings of rumors. You can start to see patterns and direction. Its kind of like staring into the warp for too long.

      As for the rumors, I do get some direct rumors as well, others I simply collect and report on.


    3. Best Anonymous ever.

    4. ^Agreed.
      As for me, I just want more decent Chaos models, although unless GW spend a lot of time on this, I get the feeling that when flyers come out, the game will never be the same again..,

  6. harpy is not really a flyer in the sence of the rules

    i think if the 6th ED leak was real, flyers will be the new sails focus of GW after 6th drops

    so likely we will see models for all the flyers + most likely one for SMs since they are prob. the 1st dex in 6th.

    GW will try to make everyone swith to flyers in 6th

    1. Most awesome typo-ridden Anonymous ever.

  7. so if flyers are coming in all over to provide air support, that would leave the ground units defenseless (somewhat) without ground-to-air capability... hmmmm

  8. 5th Editions- Moar Tanks

    6th Edition - Flyers come out and everyone buys them. People stop using as many tanks.

    7th Edition - All factions gets Hydra equivlent Anti- Air and everyone buys them. People stop using as many Flyers.

    8th Edition- And so on


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