Ard Boyz venue being dropped by GW? Please tell me it isnt so. It looks like a local FLGS was told by their GW rep that Ard Boyz is no more. North American players will be upset by this, especially in my area. Its something we looked forward to in my neck of the woods.

Until we get closer to summer and no tournament is announced, this is a rumor. Lets hope for the best, and hope GW reconsiders this. This was posted in the comment section here yesterday, and thought it deserved its own post. Thanks Cornu Mortem for keeping us up to date on what you hear.

via Cornu Mortem
Just a little news, My FLGS just got off the phone with his GW rep 'Ard Boyz is no more, rep said that they were getting too much negative feedback from players getting their face stomped at the tourney so they're stopping it. No opinion on the matter, just what the GW rep said

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