Here it is, the new paints are on their way. It looks like the leaked pics we had from ebay some time ago were real, at least according to this rumor. Its still a rumor until we get the official announcement, but I feel that this one is pretty solid.

Personally, I like it. Expanding our color base to 144 paints, supposedly of higher quality for what appears to be the same price. I also like the idea of the new paint book and the mega set being available all year round. I know that will look like a price increase, but I think its going to include more, so the price should be higher. I also like the new names.

Please remember that this is still considered a rumor until we get something official from Games Workshop. So add a pinch of salt.

via Yakface
I got this info passed onto me about the new GW paint changes.
-144 colours are in.
-lots of renaming of colours, nothing is leaving.
-All in different catagories now, Shades (washes) bases, layers, glazes (thin washes) and textures.
-Prices are staying the same.

So it sounds to me like the main thing GW is doing is reorganizing the line to make it more clear which paints/washes/etc are designed to be used in what situations.

• There are 144 paints (the current line is only 73), so the range is doubling in size.
• Broken down into Bases (foundations), Layers (normal colours), shades (washes), Dry (essentially goopy paint for dry brushing), Glaze (thinned washes for easier blending), Texture (sand + colour) and Technical (liquid green stuff).
• Bottles are not changing.
• Every color is renamed, there will be a white dwarf with a comparison guide released. Blood red is now wild rider red, ultramarine blue is Calgar blue, skull white is white scar etc etc. There is a big expansion in the greens. There are pinks again, and more purple.
• Foundation white!! Named Ceramite White
• New how to paint book that includes a 90 minute DVD
• Mega paint set available year round now, but is super expensive apparently. Prices are apparently the same (for now).  

The new paint names

Ceramite White
Averland Sun
Jokaero Orange
Mephiston Red
Khorne Red
Naggaroth Night
Daemonette Hide
Kantor Blue
Macragge Blue
Caledon Sky
Stegadon scale green
Incubi Darkness
Caliban Green
Waaaagh! Flesh
Castellan green
Death world forest
Zandri dust
Steel Legion Drab
Bugmans Glow
Ratskin Flesh
Mournfang brown
Rhinox hide
Dryad bark
Mechanicus standard grey
Celestus grey
Abaddon Black (the only black in the range)
Rakarth flesh
The fang
Screamer pink
Leadblecher (metal)
Balthasar Gold (metal)
Screaming Bell (metal)
Warplock brown (metal)

White Scar
Yriel Yellow
Flash gitz yellow
Troll slayer orange
Fire dragon bright
Evil sunz scarlet
Wild Rider red
Wazdakka red
Squig Orange
Xereus Purple
Genestealer Purple
Warpfiend Grey
Slaanesh Grey
Alaitoc blue
Hoeth blue
Altdorf guard blue
Calgar blue
Teclis blue
Lothern blue
Sotek green
Temple guard blue
Kabalite green
Sybarite green
Warpstone glow
Moot green
Warboss green
Skarsnik green
Loren Forest
Straken green
Nurgling green
Elysian green
Ogryn camo
Ushabti Bone
Screaming skull
Tallarn sand
Karak stone
Cadian fleshstone
Kislev Flesh
Bestigor flesh
Ungor flesh
Skrag brown
Deathclaw brown
Tau light Ochre
Balor brown
Zamesi brown
Doombull brown
Tuskigor fur
Gorthor Brown
Baneblade Brown
Administratum grey
Eshin grey
Dark reaper
Thunderhawk blue
Skavenblight dinge
Stormvermin fur
Ulthuan grey
Pallid wych flesh
Russ grey
Fenrisian grey
Pink horror
Emperors Children
Ironbreaker (metal)
Runefang steel (metal)
Gehennas gold(metal)
Auric Armour(metal)
Hashut Copper(metal)
Sycorax Bronze(metal)
Brass Scorpion(metal)
Runelord Brass(metal)

Casandora Yellow
Fuegan Orange
Carroburg Crimson
Druchii Violet
Drakenhof Nightshade
Coelia greenshade
Biel-tan green
Athonian camoshade
Seraphim Sepia
Reikland fleshshade
Agrax earthshade (Devlan Mud)
Nuln Oil

Praxeti White
Hexos palesun
Lucius Lilac
Etherium blue
Skink blue
Hellion green
Underhive ash
Eldar Flesh
Tyrant Shell
Terminatus stone
Longbeard grey
Changling pink
Necron Compound
Golden Griffon

Lamenters yellow
Waywatcher Green
Guilliman blue

Mourn Mountain snow
Stirland Mud
Blackfire Eath
Armageddon Dust
Lustrian Undergrowth

Lahmian Medium
Ard coat
Imperial Primer
Liquid Green stuff


  1. If all of this is correct, i am also really impressed, especially if they have a guide mapping old colours to new.

    Like the sound of the DVD, but also will be interested to see where the stage by stage written guides sit with this. As you know from my previous comments i like stage by stage guides that you can print out and am hoping this will fit into the new paint launch somewhere.

    1. Two words to dramatically improve the GW / Citadel paint ... Dropper Bottles.

  2. Sounds good, I just wished they'd made the change to droppers.

    1. Exactly. They've just wasted a golden opportunity to make that improvement.

  3. I'm pleased they're doing a white base. Hoping it covers like the foundation. Might actually do a white army now!

  4. Time to put a few hundred £££'s aside for the megaset. I love the fact that they're splitting the paints into different groups and making it easier to match paints. I'm colourblind so this sort of thing is going to make painting a hell of a lot easier.

    If they'd changed to droppers (after all, it's Vallejo who are making the new paints), it would be a total win.

  5. I'm not too sure what the color "XV-88" is insinuating.

  6. Oh, dear god. Birthday coming up in May...must wait, don't spend money, ask for combo gift from family, argh! Screw it - I'll probably break and just buy the mega set myself. I suck at waiting. This looks great and I think GW needs this to stay competitive with the other paint companies out there 'cause my eye (and brush) has definitely been wandering...

  7. XV-88? I'm guessing some kind of tan/beige akin to the colour of the studio Tau army.

    While this will be welcome news if true, I don't see why GW would change the names of things, especially the foundation paints and washes which they made such a big deal about when they were released. It seems odd that they would move away from the established names for things as people will just have to relearn what everything is called undoing their previous marketing.

    Anyway, more paints can only be a good thing.

  8. XV-88 might look like a light brown, if it ties in with the classic Tau colour when they were first released...

    1. ...and i just got the mega special edition paint set in December. :/

  9. Same pots = I'm still just buying GW washes, lol, although that foundation white could be nice.

  10. Expansion of green, pinks, and purples? Sounds like colors just in time for new chaos armies.

  11. Only 1 black in the entire range?? But... but... but... What about Badab Black? The holiest of all wonderous washes!!!

    1. My guess would be Badab Black becomes Drakenhof Nightshade. I suspect they meant the only black paint, not wash.

    2. Black is black. You can't get different shades of it otherwise you end up with purpleish or a very dark blue.

    3. There is a wash named Nuln Oil, could be a black too.

      Black is defently not black, it all comes down to what color they are based on. You can se black based on all the colors more or less, with blue, grey and green being the most commen. It would have been nice with some choices there.

  12. ohh how my slaanesh army lamented the loss of tentacle pink

  13. Morpheus those are just the NEW paint names...I can't image them withdrawing it

  14. My local game store was offering 3 for 2 on current GW paints as they were making space for new GW paint stock from a new line coming in. THe information they had was the same as what you have here (but less detailed). Just a bit more confirmation.

  15. I've got this model here that I'm painting, and it looks good, but it's not quite right. It needs a little something extra.

    It needs a little... I know, XV-88. That's definitely it. Don't you think that'd improve it?

  16. This is probably going to be confirmed on th 24th of this month... That's my guess anyway.

  17. Sounds great... But I don't want to buy White Dwarf for that conversion chart, unless there is a Painting Masterclass in the same edition.

  18. I am completely stunned. With all of the work they have obviously done to re-organize their product line, they have still neglected to address the crappy bottle they put the paint in!

    They should go with a dropper bottle like the Vallejo Paints have so that it would be easier to mix paints in an airbrush.

  19. I think they have kept the old style pots due to the inclusion of the thick dry brush range- don't think they would work in a dropper bottle but they should have switched to dropper top bottles with the remaining range.


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