The Dark Eldar have plenty of ways to deal with hordes. In fact they have some great ones. The Splinter Cannon for instance is an excellent gun. On a vehicle it is a defensive weapon, and it is a heavy 6 or assault 4. Those are big numbers. It also has a 36" range. Nothing new here, they are all the rage.

I for one want to look at the lost forgotten gun of the Dark Eldar. The Distinegrator. 36" Range, Heavy 3 on your vehicles (like it matters), S5 Ap2.

I ran a quick calculation, and found something quite interesting. Against std marines, because we all fight marines more than anything else, two splinter cannons on average will kill 1.33 marines. Yes after all those 12 shots. I've done 0 many times.  I have also killed more, but on average that is about what I kill. The disintegrator, kills 1.33 marines. When I have used them, you can kill more, but look, same statistic. You can check out the math, here at Heresy Combat Calculator.

So the question then becomes. What are the strengths of the Splinter Cannon that out ways its use.

Both have the same:
On fast vehicles, so every gun will get to fire (even multiple distegrators due to aerial assault)
Both have 36" range.
Both are good against infantry
Both available on Vehicles.

Dual Splinter Cannons (edited to make the Venom vs Raider decision)
12 shots. Equals a chance to kill more.
Light Infantry gets mowed down. Approx 4 per 12 shot volley
Available on Infantry (trueborn and scourges can load up with these)
Wounds monstrous creatures much easier

3 shots
Better against heavy infantry
Beats feel no pain
Can take down light vehicles (armour 10 like ya know, Raiders, or Land Speeders.)

I for one have been using Disintegrators on Ravagers now for a while, and every time I have fielded them, I have been happy with their results. Its amazing that they are surviving longer than my lance gunships. Opponents will target any thing with that dark lance before a disintegrator. I know that the possibility of killing more light armor guys is important, but so is killing those mobs with feel no pain.

My question to people is, With all the options that can be placed on the Raider, shouldn't we be using more Disintegrators in our lists? I mean a splinter rifle has the ability to take down a monstrous creature quickly that comes into that 24" death range, so poison weaponry is not something we lack. Lances and Blasters provide that heavy hitting punch you are already putting in your lists. Heat Lances, do their job. It just seems that the Disintegrator has a bad rep even though it will stop all those feel no pain roles.

What do you think?


  1. I think your right. I used 'dissies' on my raiders when I first started the dark eldar and recently Ive been deciding to go back. Just on the raiders.

  2. Good stuff - All of my Raiders mount Dark Lances, but both of the Ravagers I've built carry Disintegrators. I've been quite pleased with their ability to deal with Terminators and Marines in general!

  3. Splinter cannon is 6 shots, not 12. I do run one Ravager with Dissy's to take out troops (3 shots x 3) and in larger games, the fighter will replace this. Two other ravagers have lances and all transports have lances.

    1. Think you're forgetting Venom's Twin-linked Splinter Rifle can be upgraded to Splinter Cannon. Hence 12.

  4. Splinter cannons don't do a thing to units in metal bawkses (transports).

    Neither do Disintegrators.

    People use Lances because 5th edition is mech oriented.

    Maybe when Necrons come out the meta will change, but right now the only armies you see not totally meched up are 'Nids and you don't see too many of those.

    Versus vehicle heavy armies?

    Go Lance or go home.

  5. FrostByteVA, Taking the splinter cannon at 12 shots is due to the fact that you have to weigh in the use of the Venom Transport vs the Raider transports guns.

    Venom rage is "in" right now. I am suggesting that it might just be error, that the forgotten disintegrator might be a better weapon.

    For the cost of a Venom, you get better transporting ability and possibly a better gunon the Raider. Along with that, you can add in a shock prow or other upgrades making it a more flexible vehicle.

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  7. I thing both weapons have their uses. Desintegrators work best against MEQ, Terminators, Tau Crisis suits (my arch enemies, damn I hate them :)), and just about everíthing without an invu save.
    Dual Splinter Venoms with Trueborn + Splinters are dream came true against Orkz. Being AP5 those 20 poisoned shots quickly mow down 6-7 Orkz / turn.
    (Interesting fact: if Venom moves 12", it can fire both guns as they count as defensive (as they have no S value) but passengers cannot fire since the vehicle moved 12". However, they _can_ disembark AND fire afterwards... What am I missing here? :) )

  8. The problem with Dissies is cover saves. All of thise infantry models and their mothers have cover saves in this edition. If we assume a 4+ cover save on a Marine, a Dissie will result in the same number of Marine casualties as a Splinter Cannon. It might have the potential to be more damaging on Marines, but often doesn't have it in practice.

  9. Natfka, that makes sense. I didn't realize you were comparing a dissy raider to a dual splinter venom.

    Mandor, you are also right. That's why I limit dissys to one ravager. It takes out targets of opportunity, often times those getting out of a wrecked veichele or those dumb Marines with 2+ who like to walk down the middle of the field, often with storm shields.

    If my opponent's veiew matters, they are way more worried about dissy's on the board than lances. If the dissy is in play, they have to hug cover, otherwise those Blood Angles just charge in as fast as they can.

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  11. Cover is cover, and it slows down the enemy. It will also put them into a place where my massed splinter rifle fire can reach them. Othewise my Raiders are manueverable to get them anywhere they pop up. Someone always seems be out of cover on the tabletop.

    I have moved to putting Disintegrators on some of my Raiders. Removing Venoms from my list, and taking those guns elsewhere. As for the Ravagers, I am keeping Lances on them, and if I need more anti-infantry, Im looking at the razorwing with Dis/spl cann+ missles.


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