I do these every once in a while, just to keep people up to date on what the latest is for upcoming releases. We are not yet half way through the year, although we already know what is coming in June already, so we might as well get on with the second half.

Just for those that do not remember what we had posted here at the beginning of the year, I turn your attention to the following 2011 New Years post. Here. Not too bad so far. I call that accurate enough in my books.

As with all rumors, please take with a dash of salt/

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necrons are due for aug n sisters for nov unless sth happens

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June - DE (pain engines, scourges) & Razorwing, wracks, grotesques

July - Storm of magic. Unspecified releases beyond 'spell monsters'

August-  Necrons

September- awesome secret release.

Oct- ogres

Nov- sisters =)

Dec- usually holiday things


  1. hmm well if necrons actually do come in aug i will nut all over my computer screen(since thats were ill be when i find out there offical relese date).

  2. November for Sisters? ALRIGHT!

    Oh wait...by that point they'll all be resin and horribly overcosted. BOOOOOOOOH.

  3. I hope to god that these rumors are correct. Sisters in Nov is much much much better than the supposed WD/PDF crap that has been floating around the rumor mill. GW tried that once and we all know exactly how well that turned out (rolls eyes).

  4. No news for the tyranids? Boooohh

  5. Hey, What about this awesome september secret??

    Any ideas??

  6. what the secret releas?

    a price hike???? :D

  7. This would fit, simply because Sisters ALWAYS arrive JUST before and new edition hits. I'm looking forward to that codex!

  8. I don't see anything in this post indicating that the sisters release will NOT be a WD-codex release...particularly since there was so much info about it going that way.

    I, too, am intrigued about September. Last September was Space Hulk, right? Could it be a stand-alone like that? Necromunda? SQUATS? ;)

  9. Any idea what the "surprise" could be? I would love if they release a new boxed game like Space Hulk. Wait and see

  10. Atm I have no idea what the suprise could be. All I have are wish lists.

  11. Sisters in November would be awesome! But, rumours regarding new plastinc models with the "veil" and rumors about WD-only release are quite contradictink I think. We shall see.

    However, no rumors for Tyranid 2nd wave... everyone is happy about the awesome new DE stuff and the GK update, but Nids NEED their Tervigons/Tyrannofexes/Harpies... :(

    And what about Summer of Flyers?

  12. heroquest is what my money would be on.

  13. It is not the first time I hear about a possible Heroquest, that would amazing.

  14. Tabletop Fix posted saying that there were hints in the Warseer forums that the secret release may be Blood Bowl. I guess it being a WHFB-related release would make sense as the last secret release benefitted WH40k.

  15. As for the secret september release, I have not heard a viable rumor. Everything has been wishlisting, and those wishlists getting passed on as rumors.

    Ive been tracking down sources of people's claim. You know I will post something on it though as soon as I hear something good.

    Bloodbowl though does seem to be reasonable. It's the 15th year anniversary of it, or something like that. So we shall see.


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