I do these every once in a while, just to keep people up to date on what the latest is for upcoming releases. We are not yet half way through the year, although we already know what is coming in June already, so we might as well get on with the second half.

Just for those that do not remember what we had posted here at the beginning of the year, I turn your attention to the following 2011 New Years post. Here. Not too bad so far. I call that accurate enough in my books.

As with all rumors, please take with a dash of salt/

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necrons are due for aug n sisters for nov unless sth happens

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June - DE (pain engines, scourges) & Razorwing, wracks, grotesques

July - Storm of magic. Unspecified releases beyond 'spell monsters'

August-  Necrons

September- awesome secret release.

Oct- ogres

Nov- sisters =)

Dec- usually holiday things

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