Its here. Everything listed is now up for pre-order to be released June 18th. These of course are already on my list go get. However, have you taken the time to calculate how much one unit of Grotesques will cost? lol. Its kind of funnny. Regardless, I will end up getting them, even though I was hoping for them in packs of three.

I am also disspointed that the Haemonculi doesnt say it comes with more options. Where's the Arcane Wargear? Here is the link Games Workshop Advance Orders

Razorwing- $41.25
Wracks- $33.00
Grotesque- $20.75
Haemonculi- $18.25

Of course there are pics. Check em out


  1. Actually is Australia it's:
    (Aus Currency)
    Wracks $55
    Groteque $33
    Haemonculus $28
    Razorwing $69
    *Slams head against wall*

  2. What is the currency exchange rate?

  3. Very nice models. A bit expensive but...

  4. Beautiful models, while the Grotesques are gonna be pricey, I think everything else is actually moderately priced.

  5. Jeez. A Haemonculus for $28? That's really outrageous. I'm sorry that we can't do much for you Aussies, but you guys really need to keep informing everyone of just how high your prices are.

    In terms of exchange, Natfka, if you're native currency is US, then the Australian dollar is currently worth more than yours...about $0.06 more. And yet they're paying at least a third more (sometimes nearly double) in price.

    As for archane wargear on the Haemonculi, your answer lies in the Wracks box. Your initial leaked pictures showed the squad leader with a Stinger Pistol, another shot on the GW site shows him wielding a Hexrifle, and this model in this picture seems to have some kind of flesh/mindphase gauntlet on its left hand. From the look of the Haemonculus model, it seems to have one of the gauntlets, a liquifier, close combat weapon, and I imagine that little box is meant to be one of the amorphous pieces of arcane wargear (casket of flensing, archangel of pain, etc).

  6. If you were to buy the boxes at the prices Nafta listed using USD instead of AUD, you'd pay the following:

    Wracks - $58US
    Grotesque - $35US
    Haemonculus - $29US
    Razorwing - $74

    Not quite double US prices, but still pretty damn steep, considering.


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