This just in from my inbox this morning. Games Workshop really did not give us the lowdown on what is going to be happening with the first wave. So here is some more information.

I for one, cannot wait after reading this, to find out what the hidden releases will be, especially for my dark eldar. I can guess though. It is either a Wrack or a Grotesque that is being released alongside the Haemonculi.

Although still a rumor, I wouldn't think that this one requires much salt.

via "source hidden until he OK's his name being used"
I have some info about Finecast. Info GW should have released on Monday when they announced the damn thing...

First off the R&D guys have been working on this for ages. It's resin, but a brand new mix with the bad bits worked out. It's porus, slightly rubbery (so if you drop a model it will bounce a bit, instead of break), holds detail amazingly and shouldn't need pinning (cept maybe for bigger items).

The reason for the price increase is the R&D costs, plus the fact that moulds will be redone from scratch, they can't just pour the new mix into old moulds. Packaging will be different too, and they will come on small sprues.

First wave will be 100 of the most popular models from the 3 main ranges. there's a few on the poster marked as "confidential" which are brand new models. One for dark elder, one for either tomb kings or skaven, and one which I have no idea about (it can't be for VC or wood elves, surely....)


  1. Well if it is really true then it might just make the whole thing worthwhile. As you say, why they wouldn't actually say this when they announce it just doesn't make sense, but then GW have never been in the business of sensible decisions it seems.

    Either way, I'll be along to my FLGS to see exactly what its all about next weekend.

  2. I would love for the confidential Dark Eldar model to be a Wrack, but I doubt they'll do that in blister format.

    Could be an IC like the Baron or Duke Sliscus...or Vect! Oh, yes. Please let it be Vect!

    Just so long as it's not Drazhar or The Decapitator. Please? Anything but those useless gits!

  3. Its the haemonculi. My local GW store manager told me they showed them the resin model in the last GW meeting.

  4. No, we KNOW this one is the Haemonculus.

    There is another space on the poster with the "Confidential" seal that is supposed to be another different, unrevealed DE model.

    Or are you saying THAT one is a Haemonculus, too?

    That would be silly to release a variant pose when there are other models needed, wouldn't it?

  5. The source mentions the "three main lines." Three confidential models, one 40k, one WFB, and one unknown. I'll bet the third confidential model is for LotR.

  6. 51-61 TYRANID ZOANTHROPE £15.50
    51-63 TYRANID TYRANT GUARD £15.50
    51-64 TYRANID HIVE GUARD £15.50
    51-65 TYRANID BROODLORD £15.50
    51-42 TYRANID LICTOR £15.50
    51-40 TYRANID HIVE TYRANT £36.00
    51-41 TYRANID PYROVORE £21.50

  7. apparently this will also include a bit of a price increase for some of what we can normally get.


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