If there is any models that I have been waiting for it was one of these. This was dug up from forum conversation and is enough for me to get excited about what is on its way. We should be expecting to hear something official on this very very soon, as we are only a couple days away from more official news.
Take with a grain of salt

When asked....
Any word on what the "Classified" box was? I've seen speculation on Wracks, Malys, Baron... do we have any 'solid' news?

Via Bramgaunt
It's Wracks and Grotesques. And you'll see them soon. So I've been told.

There's a new kind of packing for the finecast miniatures. I don't remember the name, though. Basically it's a reversed blister - the card is in the front, and the miniature on the back. You have a picture of the painted miniature, and can see the actual miniature through the transparent back. Therefor you'll have only pictures of painted miniatures on the shelves, no more blister searching.

Some models will be repacked, btw. Woodelf Treekin will be in packs of 3, for example. I guess Grotesques will be in boxes of 3, while wracks come in boxes of 5. Just a guess, though.

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