Well, this picture helps a ton. Gives us lots of insight on the scale of the Grotesque vs Wracks vs Talos/Cronos and Scourges. The Grotesque looks about the size I had anticipated, while I have not yet gotten to see a Talos in hand, but it appears to tower above all other models.

Is the Talos/ Cronos really standing that tall and far above normal models? Looks like we will need a raider to hide the dang thing.

On a personal note, things are a little short for me today, and possibly tomorrow. Family emergency.


  1. hope things work out for my favorite rumors guy :)

  2. saw a cronos in a GW store about the size of tau broadside but on a taller stand.

  3. I hope you and your family are all okay

  4. Here's a couple more size comparisons, compliments of someone on the fledgling Dark Eldar forum, The Dark City:


  5. Talos is the size of a space marine dreadnought that is flying on it chest


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